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Artist:BlackY vs. Yooh Circle Size:
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Title:HAVOX HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:MEGAtive Accuracy:
Length:2:00 (1:58 drain)
Source:SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:210
Tags:sdvx 3 steel chronicle victroopers policy break User Rating:
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Jan 17, 2016
Feb 7, 2018
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Your rhythm world is wreaking havox with you

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Difficulty List

Standard | Taiko | Catch | Mania

58 Difficulty in total (6 Standard, 7 Taiko, 4 CTB, and 41 Mania)
Thank you for your contribution in this map. I appreciate it. 'w')7

ImageBASIC by me
ImageADVANCED by me
ImageAs' EXHAUST by Aste-
ImageAncuL's EXHAUST by AncuL
ImageMEGAste's GRAVITY collab by me and Aste-
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Imagelogitechf1f4's 4K ADVANCED by logitechf1f4
Image4K EXHAUST by me
ImageBANGKE's 4K EXHAUST by leoudel
Image4K GRAVITY by me
ImageNorth's 4K OVERDRIVE by noftrahtcehe

Image5K BASIC by me
ImageAdinata's 5K NOVICE by Adinata28
ImageKyou's 5K ADVANCED by Kyousuke-
ImageEne's 5K EXHAUST by Takane6
ImageZan's 5K GRAVITY by Rizqy

Image5K+1 BASIC by me
Image5K+1 NOVICE by me
Image5K+1 ADVANCED by me
Image5K+1 EXHAUST by me
Image5K+1 GRAVITY by me

Image6K BASIC by me
ImageMoussaka's 6K NOVICE by Muzaka
Image6K ADVANCED by Rido
ImageIbra's 6K EXHAUST by Ibrahim
Image6K GRAVITY by me

Image7K BASIC by me
ImageAdinata's 7K NOVICE by Adinata28
ImageCoR vs Pizza's 7K ADVANCED collab by Pizza and CometicRush
ImageEne's 7K EXHAUST by Takane6
ImageIbra's 7K GRAVITY by Ibrahim

Image7K+1 BASIC by me - (1/6)
ImageAdinata's 7K+1 NOVICE by Adinata28 - (1/7)
Image7K+1 ADVANCED by me
ImageEne's 7K+1 EXHAUST by Takane6 - (1/9)
Image7K+1 GRAVITY by me - (1/10)

Image8K BASIC by me
Image8K NOVICE by me
Image8K ADVANCED by 1st GCorp
Image8K EXHAUST by me
ImageGCorp's 8K GRAVITY by 1st GCorp

Image9K BASIC by me (1/6)
ImageAdinata's 9K NOVICE by Adinata28
ImageAs' 9K ADVANCED by Aste-
ImageShin's 9K EXHAUST by Shinzo-
Image9K GRAVITY by me