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Artist:LeaF Circle Size:
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Title:NANO DEATH!!!!! HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:S a n d Accuracy:
Length:2:19 (2:18 drain)
Source: Genre:Unspecified (Other) BPM:170
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Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015
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Sandism Final Boss 2015/1/2
Sandism 最終大魔王 2015/1/2
說真的, 有過的話截圖給我, 我不信有人能過/w\
For real, if anyone passes this map, screenshot it to me, I don't believe in anyone passing this /w\(no faith cuntfirmed)
1/6 1/8圖, 體力譜, 反應譜, 手速譜
1/6 1/8 map, stamina map, reflex speed map, hand speed map
Anyone wants to pass this www?

EDIT: 我終於Pass了www
EDIT: I finally passed www

[ - Ranking Board - ]
Sandism Diff
- 1st: stu00608 (956,186)我倉庫裡的膝蓋都給您
- 2nd: -[ ix ishida xi ]- (882,454) master最高!!!\master/\master/\master/<3

Sandism [NSC] Diff
- 1st: S a n d (1,037,004) Yayyyyy I finally passed this crap
- 2nd: -[ ix ishida xi ]- (1,013,484) master最高!!!\master/\master/\master/<3
- 3nd: FLANKs (970,430) lol 4 tries wtf really?
- 4th: Ekoro (842,724) seriously, wtf bro?

[ - Passing Order - ]

- 1st Ekoro (on border first try, got it after a few tries :3)
- 2nd -[ ix ishida xi ]- (really wtf, 3 tries and you passed, it master da best)
- 3rd stu00608 (就說可以玩NSC還是堅持的一直玩原版XD, 意志力可嘉owo!)
- 4th FLANKs (GG bro, 4 tries, I give up)
- 5th S a n d (Yay I finally passed this crap)

Thanks to the testers~