Release Notes for next (Cutting Edge)

Add better support for match referees and tourney command permissions. smoogipooo
Add !mp removeref to remove referees from matches. smoogipooo
Add !mp listrefs to list the match referees. smoogipooo
Make last active updates more precise peppy
Fix messages being relayed from osu! -> discord -> osu! again. smoogipooo
Forward /me messages to discord. smoogipooo
Update Discord.Net. smoogipooo
Fix duplicate discordhelper initialization on startup. smoogipooo
Implement new initialization technique. smoogipooo
More locking and thread safety peppy
Make fake user ids work with ClientIrc too. smoogipooo
No more "originalHost" - now "creator", with better initialisation. smoogipooo
Allow IRC users to re-join their own tournament matches. smoogipooo
Rework !mp addref to not immediately add players to the match chat channels, and open it up to the public. smoogipooo
Allow adding both osu! and IRC clients as referees. smoogipooo
Update changelog URLs to point to new site. peppy
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