Release Notes for b20140623.8 (Stable)

Add button to options menu to open current skin folder. peppy
Add ability to adjust cursor size. peppy
Fix button ghosting on menu items. peppy
Sort collections alphabetically. peppy
Localisation updates. peppy
Improve alignment of text in mod select dialog when running widescreen. peppy
Use sprite font for displaying fps (avoid GDI text render). peppy
Fix incorrect time signature displaying in menu. TheVileOne
Fix time signature not updating due to inherited sections. TheVileOne
Allow slider points to be placed outside of grid. TheVileOne
Apply arrow color changes to timeline. TheVileOne
Improvements to main menu button animations. peppy


Subdue sliderbar sound slightly. peppy
Add sliderbar sound effects. peppy
Clean up deprecated resources from project. peppy
Adjust menu button movement a touch. peppy
Add first version of new interface sounds. peppy
More clicking and flashing. peppy
wip whoosh engine. peppy
Add checkbox sounds, short clicks. peppy
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