Beatmap Listing

Title Artist Creator Difficulty Updated
LowFat x Onnyu - Daybreak Frontline
mapped by Shanipika
Teminite - Ascent
mapped by TatZero
mapped by Backfire
from 化物語
Sonic Forces OST - Theme of Infinite
mapped by wolfysoulwolf
Kantai Collection Music - Boko
mapped by Alwaysyukaz
Beek - Oh Delia
mapped by LogicleG
mapped by Bewww
from Castlevania
mapped by NekoPoiLTE
from 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night.
goreshit - o'er the flood
mapped by Blocko
YooSanHyakurei - Sen no Yukari
mapped by kwk
from 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss
mapped by Rin Desu
Minase Inori - Aimai Moko
mapped by Cyndere
from 徒然チルドレン
Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma - Emotional (Draper Remix)
mapped by [Kergio]
mapped by handsome
*namirin - Iscariot no Sakebi
mapped by levesterz
Metallica - Moth Into Flame
mapped by Regerra
HoneyWorks feat.GUMI - Declaration of the weak
mapped by CircleFairy
Buku - Front to Back
mapped by Elniona
jioyi - Platinum
mapped by Plaudible
from VOEZ
t+pazolite - Garakuta Doll Play
mapped by _GoldenStar_
Shawn Wasabi - OTTER POP (ft. Hollis)
mapped by KittytheGreat
P*Light - Ninja
mapped by Walshy
Hairspray Cast - You Can't Stop The Beat
mapped by Penguiness
from Hairspray
Takayoshi Tanimoto - Yeah! Break! Care! Break!
mapped by CrumpetFiddler
from DragonBall Kai
EMILIA (CV: Rie Takahashi) - Stay Alive
mapped by 619
from Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活
Colbie Caillat - Try
mapped by HappyRocket88
Choutokkyuu - Believe x Believe
mapped by -Harpuia-
from 遊☆戯☆王 ARC-Ⅴ
Utsu-P feat. Hatsune Miku - Uchuujin no Ai Rabu Yuu
mapped by Net0
Hana - Sakura no Uta
mapped by chouyaa
from サクラノ詩 -櫻の森の上を舞う-
Renard - Banned Forever
mapped by Toffee
Itou Kanako - Uncontrollable
mapped by Psycopath-
mapped by Naotoshi
from 東方Project