Monthly Beatmapping Contest #4 Results

After a grueling marathon of back-to-back judging, the results are finally here! We have a winner of our largest and best beatmapping contest yet!

W h i t e drove his mapping talent straight into the judge’s hearts - gaining a near-perfect score from one of them - and officially the highest single and combined score ever awarded in any MBC thus far! With a phenomenal cumulative score of 205, W h i t e takes home the grand prize. Congratulations!

Honourable mentions go to CloudSplash16 and Jenny, scoring in at 198 and 192 respectively - only a paltry 7 points between first and second place!

Play the winning beatmap here, and view the judges comments here.

ADHD, the album that My Love comes from, was released a few weeks ago on Bandcamp. If you liked the song, and wish to support the artist behind the track, consider purchasing the full album below!

The next Monthly Beatmapping Contest will be opening shortly - there have been a few issues in securing rights and organizing other things behind the scenes. Stay on your toes!


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