New Featured Artist: Fractal Dreamers

Descend into the Kingdom of Silence with the latest talent to join the Featured Artist roster - the Fractal Dreamers!

Something familiar yet fresh, the Fractal Dreamers project is the culmination of two artists with completely different musical backgrounds achieving something new together.

The ever-talented Helblinde and his wonderful wife, a classically-trained pianist, married their musical expertise together to create something really quite spectacular.

Decide for yourself:

We were smitten with this project from the moment we first heard it. Grand, orchestral choirs ring out amid frantic, pounding rhythms with a slick drum ‘n bass twist, giving mappers almost everything they could ever dream of having in a track.

The entirety of the Kingdom of Silence EP is now available from the Fractal DreamersFeatured Artist listing.

As with all Featured Artist tracks, it’s 100% licensed to use for mapping in osu! and its associated gamemodes - so worry less, and map more!

Make sure to check out their Bandcamp for more details on their work, as well as the means to snag yourself a high-quality copy of their brand new EP.

We’re super excited to see where else the Fractal Dreamers take us, and we hope you are too!


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