This is not a game nor a port. It only downloads beatmaps and contains basic navigation.


osu!MapDownloader is a beatmap downloading client created by for Android's ports. The client requires Internet access on your device to work. This is not a port nor a game. Please download osu!droid/T-Aiko/opsu! before use.

It was previously available in international Play Store but it has been taken down.


How to install (PC way)

  • Use the link: Dropbox (1.3.2)
  • Transfer the .apk file to your device using the suitable USB cable (Bluetooth is possible but using USB is much more efficient).
    • Please set your device to "USB connection mode" first. (Depending on your device)
  • Find and open the .apk file from your device.
  • Allow the .apk to install.
    • If your phone alerts you about the security issue, disable the "Unknown source button". You can re-enable it later anyway in Settings.
  • "osu!MapDownloader" is now installed in your phone.

How to install (Device way)

  • Open your preferred browser in your device.
  • Use the link: Dropbox (1.3.2)
  • Wait for the download to complete and open the .apk file from your device.
  • Allow the .apk to install.
    • If your phone alerts you about the security issue, disable the "Unknown source button". You can re-enable it later anyway in Settings.
  • "osu!MapDownloader" is now installed in your phone.

Obsolete method

How to install (Play Store way)


  • Unrestricted beatmap download (thanks to bloodcat's website) with filter options.
  • Basic navigation to player's profiles and pp ranking with filter options.

Flick options

  • Flick up: Next Page
  • Flick down: Refresh
  • Flick left: (none)
  • Flick right: Opens Settings sidebar

Downloading Beatmaps

  • Open "osu!MapDownloader"
  • Select your preferred beatmaps. A pop-up will show you the options, and select "Download".
    • You can modify the directory in the Settings sidebar.
  • Wait for your download to complete (notification will be given), or continue browsing for more beatmaps.
    • You can check the progress in "Downloads" in the Settings sidebar.
  • Once the download is completed, the beatmap will be unzipped for use.


Main MenuMain Menu

Main Menu (Tablet size)Main Menu (Tablet size)

Song PreviewSong Preview

Song Preview (Tablet size)Song Preview (Tablet size)

Settings (the sidebar)Settings (the sidebar)

Downloads listDownloads list

Player info pagePlayer info page

Settings sidebar

Pick your choice:

  1. Open the left sidebar by flicking the screen to the right
  2. Tap the button located on the upper-left of the screen to open the sidebar.
  3. Depending on your device, you can also hold the lower-right "button" of your device (not the "Page" button of osu!MapDownloader) to call the sidebar.

Home Page

Name Effect
Popular Sort beatmaps by popularity. (Broken)
Recently Added Sort beatmaps by recently added. (Broken)
Performance Ranking PP Ranking page

Player Info

Opens player's profile. Default is eprendre's profile. You can choose to (in the Settings at the upper-right of the screen. You will be directed to new page):

Shown details:

  • Name
  • PP Value (#ppranking)
  • Nationality
  • ID num
  • Ranked Score
  • Hit Accuracy (Up to four decimal points)
  • Play Count
  • Total Score
  • Current Level
  • No. of SS/S/A
  • Recently played

Some Options (Requires refresh)

Name Effect
Prefer non-English Allow Unicode name.
Preview Looping Loop the song preview once the preview end.
Prefer full song Set song preview to full song rather than a short five seconds song clip.
Set Background Set a background from your device's gallery.
BG Blur radius Apply how much blur to your background to ease reading the beatmap list.

Download Options

Name Effect
[1] osu!droid (fix crash in osu!droid) / [2] PC osu! (do not choose this if you are playing maps on osu!droid) (tap to switch) [1] Use downgraded .osu file / [2] Use normal .osu file.
Clear video and storyboard Remove video and storyboard (to save space)
Clear skin Remove skin
Resume breakpoint Resume download from last breakpoint from connection.
Select download folder Select the download folder for the downloaded beatmap to be unzipped. Default to osu!droid/Songs
Scan Songs folder Check for existing beatmaps(indicates downloaded in list)
Clear image cache Clear image cache.
Clear search history Clear your search history
Licenses List of Licenses used by the app.


Information about the creator.

Data from, Author: eprendre Email:

Version: {Version}


Go to "Downloads" list.


  • Pause all
  • Resume all
  • Clear finished songs


I don't have/want to put it on osu!droid

  • Open the "Options Screen"
  • Scroll down and tap on "Select download folder"
  • Navigate to your preferred download place and confirm.
    • If opsu!, go to opsu/Songs and set it there. It will automatically unzip the file.

Why are some functions missing?

  • It a messy hack with the main focus on getting the beatmap download to work. Some of the extra stuff (such as the follow function and sort by popularity) might be broken from oversight in developer part.