Skinning Tutorial (osu!taiko)


The osu!taiko mascot, also known as "pippidon", can be easily animated in similar way as the sliderball.


This is when pippidon is waiting you the player to hit a hitobject. The naming scheme starts with pippidonidle followed by an indexed number (starts count at zero).

pippidonidle0, pippidonidle1, pippidonidle2, ..., pippidonidleN


This animation plays during kiai time. The naming scheme starts with pippidonkiai followed by an indexed number (starts count at zero).

pippidonkiai0, pippidonkiai1, pippidonkiai2, ..., pippidonkiaiN


This animation plays when the player misses a note, or has low health during a break. The naming scheme starts with pippidonfail followed by an indexed number (starts count at zero).

pippidonfail0, pippidonfail1, pippidonfail2, ..., pippidonfailN


This animation plays when the player reaches a combo milestone. The naming scheme starts with pippidonclear followed by an indexed number (starts count at zero).

pippidonclear0, pippidonclear1, pippidonclear2, ..., pippidonclearN


In osu!taiko, spinners have a warning that moves along the track. The image for this warning is the spinner-warning.png image. With spinner-circle.png and spinner-approachcircle.png being used as the spinner (the same ones from osu!standard).

Default (v1)

Bar (Stage)


This is the far left portion of the stage. This is where your combos and the drum buttons appear. Assuming pippidon image size is optimal, it is where pippidon would stand (above the drums).

Default (v1)

Taiko-bar-right and Taiko-bar-right-glow - Right part of taiko bar. "Glow" bar appear in kiai time.

  • Taiko-bar-right:

  • Taiko-bar-right-glow:

Hit objects

Taikohitcircle and Taikohitcircleoverlay - It's almost same thing like hitcircle and hitcircle-overlay with one difference, Taikohitcircleoverlay can be animated.

Taikobigcircle and Taikobigcircleoverlay - Same as above but it's applied to the big circles.


Taiko-drum-inner and Taiko-drum-outer - Red and Blue button indicators on left taiko bar.


Taiko-hit300, Taiko-hit100, etc. - Same thing as standard hitbursts 300, 100, 50, etc.


Taiko-roll-end and Taiko-roll-middle - It's taiko slider. Please note that taiko-roll-middle is "copied" to fit length of slider. (That's why it's only 1px width).


Taiko-slider and Taiko-slider-fail - These are upper part of taiko bar. They aren't restricted by length, so with right idea you can make something nice




Taiko-flower-group - Appears behind Taiko mascot after hitting combo milestone.

Taiko-glow - Appears behind "hitting" area in kiai time.