Skinning Tutorial (osu!catch)


NOTE: if you choose to leave the fruit transparent, make the overlay transparent (this is because the hyperdash outline uses the outline of the fruit, not overlay)!

There are four fruits that can be skinned separately. It is sugguested for these to not be coloured in because osu! will tint them with the combo colours.

Default skin's apple

Default skin's pear

Default skin's grape

Default skin's orange

Fruit overlays

On top of this (pun intended), here are the overlays. These could be coloured, but should have some transparency.

Default skin's apple overlay

Default skin's pear overlay

Default skin's grape overlay

Default skin's orange overlay


This element is the drop (slidertick) and the droplet (slidertrail) image.

In addition to the fruits you can skin the droplets during sliders as well. Slidertrails (smaller droplets) cannot be skinned, they will be scaled.

Default skin;s drop


This is the newest added skinable element in osu!catch. Named as fruit-bananas but it is actually for the spinners.

Default skin's bananas


osu!catch now has its own comboburst that only appear this game mode and did not affect the rest. You can even use different images than in the other modes.

Use this for skin versions 2.3 and up.


The fruit catcher has three states:

  • idle (used when a fruit is caught or doing nothing)
  • fail (used when the player misses a fruit, overrides kiai if a fruit is missed during kiai time)
  • kiai (used during kiai time)

Default skin's catcher idle

Default skin's catcher fail

Default skin's catcher kiai


Ryuuta was the previous mascot for osu!catch, now replaced by Yuzu.

Use this for skin versions 2.2 and lower.

Default skin (v1.0)'s Ryuuta