Quality Assurance Team

The Quality Assurance Team, commonly referred to as QAT, are the judges of quality control who will check recently qualified beatmaps for quality and playability, retracting their qualified status as a disqualification notice where appropriate. They form the bulwark of standard control and enforce the basic expectation of quality for all beatmaps that enter the ranking process.

QAT members will be held to strict activity standards as their role requires them to be regularly involved in assessing beatmap quality.

Members of this team will be promoted from BNs, should they accept the new role offered. Members of QAT have a red name on the in-game chat and on the forums, whereas BNs only have a purple name on the forums.

Team Members

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Name osu! osu!taiko osu!catch osu!mania Additional Languages
-Mo- Yes No No No
Aloda No Yes No No
Asherz007 No No No Yes
Chaoslitz Yes No No No Cantonese, Chinese
Deif No No Yes No Spanish, German
Doyak Yes No No No Korean
Feerum No No No Yes German, Polish
Fycho Yes No No No Chinese
Gabe Yes Yes No No French
JBHyperion No No Yes No
Kurai Yes No No No French
Kurokami No No Yes No Hungarian
Lanturn Yes No No No
Lasse Yes No No No German
Mao Yes No No No German
Mir Yes No No No
Naxess Yes No No No Swedish
Nardoxyribonucleic No Yes No No Chinese, Cantonese
p3n Yes No No No German
pishifat Yes No No No
Protastic101 No No No Yes
Raiden No Yes No No Spanish, Catalan