The Quality Assurance Team, commonly referred to as QAT, form the last line of defense for standard control and enforce the basic expectation of quality for all beatmaps that enter the ranking process. Along with the Quality Assurance Helpers, they check recently Qualified beatmaps for any issues that may have slipped past the nomination and modding processes. Mapsets that contain issues have their Qualified status revoked through disqualification where necessary.

In addition to assuring the basic expectation of quality, the QAT also manage the Beatmap Nominators and ensure the enforcement of various rulesets surrounding the ranking process, for example the Code of Conduct, Ranking Criteria and Beatmap Nominator Rules. This requires them to be regularly involved in assessing beatmap quality and overseeing the activity of the Beatmap Nominators.

Members of this team are generally promoted from well-behaved, active and willing members of the Quality Assurance Helpers, whom are also deemed to work well with the team. Members of the QAT have a red name in the game's chat and on the forums, whereas BNs have a purple name only on the forums.

Team Members

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Name osu! osu!taiko osu!catch osu!mania Additional Languages
-Kazu- No Yes No No Spanish
-Mo- Yes No No No
Chaoslitz Yes No No No Cantonese, Chinese
Deif No No Yes No Spanish, German
Feerum No No No Yes German, Polish
Fycho Yes No No No Chinese
Gabe Yes Yes No No French
Gottagof4st Yes No No No Dutch
Hobbes2 Yes No No No
JBHyperion No No Yes No
Kibbleru Yes No No No
Kuron-kun Yes No No No Portuguese
Lanturn Yes No No No
Lasse Yes No No No German
Mao Yes No No No German
Maxus No No No Yes Indonesian
Naxess Yes No No No Swedish
Nardoxyribonucleic No Yes No No Chinese, Cantonese
Noffy Yes No No No
p3n Yes No No No German
pishifat Yes No No No
Protastic101 No No No Yes
Raiden No Yes No No Spanish, Catalan
Regraz Yes No No No Chinese
Yuii- Yes No No No Spanish, Portugese
Zirox No No Yes No Spanish