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The Community Contributors are the people who have taken it upon themselves to provide service to the osu! community at great cost to themselves - tools and features that many of us take for granted today. These users are given a badge to denote that they did something notable for the entire community.

Not to be mistaken as osu! Alumni which are previous osu!team members (GMT, QAT, etc.) that retired, Community Contributor badges are given to public freelancers who had go beyond the call of duty to improve osu! and the community environment.

The current users with this badge are noted in this table:

08. August 2013

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User Contributions
Darkimmortal Developing and maintaining the osu!record service (replay .osr to video file.)
nanashiRei Hosting and maintaining one of osu!'s longest running beatmap mirrors.
RBRat3 Numerous (beyond count) graphical contributions to the game client and everything else.
Ballance Achievement artwork.
akrolsmir Developing and maintaining AIBat, the most popular third-party beatmap modding tool ever produced by most people on the community.
statementreply Outstanding performance in bug-fix/feature testing and coding numerous utilities for mappers and modders.
Loctav Organising several major official tournaments (including the OWC).
Blazevoir Insane moderation track record (equivalent to roughly 6 staff members) and almost single-handedly moderating #osu during peak hours (9k+ users).
Piotrekol Developing and maintaining osu!stats and a number of useful utilities for both beatmapping, modding and general play.
MillhioreF Outstanding performance in bugfix/feature testing and handling user support queries.
DeathxShinigami 3+ years of silent work tirelessly handling beatmap packing and several years of managing the beatmap charts.
LuigiHann Years upon years of service, including designing the original beatmap skin, advancing storyboarding as an art and motivation.
awp Early community management and moderation and huge contributions over the course of his time.
Sinistro Being the first community manager and global moderator, who set the bar extremely high for the GMT to follow.
Ivalset Being the first staff manager and BATmanager and single-handedly forming an elite beatmap moderation team from nothing.

March 2015

User Contributions
Repflez Outstanding contribution to the osu!wiki.
RaikireHiuduo Outstanding contribution to the osu!wiki.
givenameplz osu!Rank & osu!Post development.

January 2016

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User Contributions
ztrot Founding the osu!academy
Tasha osu!weekly + News Contributor
Flanster Outstanding moderation presence (10k+ kills).
Nathanael Outstanding moderation presence (10k+ kills).
Saten Outstanding moderation presence and commitment (30k+ kills).
MoonShade Developing revolutionary storyboarding utilities (SGL)
Hatsu - osu! twitch bot toolkit development
Tillerino Beatmap recommendation bot development

March 2016

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User Contributions
Charles445 Years of upholding and improving the quality of mapping, providing assistance on many occasions to help resolve various issues in the community.

November 2016

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User Contributions
pishifat Exemplary performance in beatmap construction and education
Okorin Exceptional leadership in beatmap management affairs
IamKwaN Outstanding moderation presence and overall contribution
Marcin Outstanding contribution to community affairs, organization and moderation
LiquidPL Outstanding development contribution (osu!next)
Nyquill Outstanding community contribution (osu!weekly)
Derekku Early community management and moderation
Trosk- Outstanding contribution to community affairs
Shiro Outstanding contribution to moderation, organization and management