Artists who enter a licensing agreement with osu! are listed under the Featured Artists program. The osu! team regularly reaches out to artists that the community loves and new artists whose music is appropriate for use within the community and game.

Artists interested in joining the Featured Artist program are encouraged to contact osu! for licensing negotiations.


Music licensed by osu! is freely available for download from the Featured Artist listing in .osz files, which are level (beatmap) templates. A one-minute automatically generated preview of each track is available for streaming on its artist's page. Because songs are used as a catalog for community members to create beatmaps, some of them may not be immediately used as in-game content.

We look to cover usage within the game and related website, which does not include further usage on other streaming platforms (e.g. user uploads to YouTube). One exception is that we utilise Featured Artist tracks as background music during official events, such as osu! World Cup live-streams. An exclusion clause can be negotiated on request to completely restrict usage to within the game only.

osu! licenses all music under non-exclusive terms, allowing simultaneous licensing with other platforms (it is our belief that we should not be limiting good music to only our platform). We generally prefer to negotiate licences on perpetual terms due to the nature of usage (users expect their creations to stay available indefinitely). Payment is provided as a fixed negotiable once-off royalty.



If you are interested in negotiating licensing of your work within osu!, please contact us using the email address above with samples of your work. We will decide if your music is a good fit for osu! and elaborate on the terms of the licence.