History of osu!


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Ephemeral posted a news post regarding the new year to reassure that many big things are bound to happen in 2017. S3RL and nanobii were announced to be osu!'s new featured artists. cYsmix, yuki. and Helblinde each released a new album giving osu! 26 new songs to beatmap. Aspire returns for 2017.



Ben Briggs was announced to be another featured artist. The first osu!lazer build was released!



Monthly Beatmapping Contest revolving around osu!catch has begun. LukHash was announced as another featured artist. Aspire 2017 voting had begun. Spotlights was announced to co-exist with Ranking Charts. The Spring-themed 9th fanart contest was opened.



Monthly Beatmapping Contest #13 concluded with RyoKazuka taking first place. Apsire 2017: Stage One concluded with ProfessionalBox taking first place. The voting for the Spring fanart contest was opened. The 100th(?) issue of osu!weekly was released. The osu!taiko World Cup 2017 concluded with Japan winning against Taiwan. Before April ended, the Spring fanart contest votes were in, allowing Evaine to take first place.



osu!catch World Cup 2017 was opened for registrations. Kuba Oms was featured as another artist of osu!. osu! was announced to be at Anime Expo 2017. In almost over a whole year, the osu!taiko mascot was announced. Mocha has entered the scene with pippi, Yuzu, and Maria. Lastly, Rin / Function Phantom was announced to be part of the featured artists of osu!. Voting for both osu!mania and osu!catch beatmapping contests were opened.


The osu!team participates in Anime Expo for the upcoming 10 years of osu!. On 2017-06-15, the main menu/playfield image has been changed to four generic, but new, images. The playfield image changes when the current song is changed. Support for enabling or disabling the seasonal backgrounds all year round or sometimes seeing them has been added to the Options. Somewhere around this month, inside the osu!dev discord, the osu!weekly was discussed to have been dead. From this point forward, each official and community news post will be posted independently when it is ready, rather than waiting every week. The Mocha in Summer fanart contest began.



osu!mania 4K World Cup registrations opened. Voting for the Mocha in Summer fanart contest was opened. osu!catch World Cup 2017 concluded with South Korea taking first place from China. The Community Mentorship Program Fall 2017 Signups was opened. On the last day of July, the Mocha in Summer fanart contest concluded with 2Su taking first place.



Wisp X and OISHII were announced as new featured artists. osu!idol 2017 auditions opened. The osu! Coffee Hour was introduced as a pod cast. An overhaul for Yuzu's new look was opened as a fanart contest.



*namirin was announced to be another featured artist. Mapping with rewards returned with bounties tied to selected songs. osu!mania 4K World Cup concluded with South Korea taking first place from United States. Voting for Yuzu's new look opened.



Another Halloween fanart contest was opened. osu! World Cup 2017 registrations opened. A few days before Halloween, the fanart contest for Halloween opened. On Halloween, the fanart contest results were revealed.



MOtOLOiD was announced to be another featured artist. peppy opened a forum thread to centralise his thoughts on touchscreens; along with some answers to frequently proposed solutions. The #osu-performance channel in the osu!dev Discord server was opened to allow open discussion. The Winter 2017 Fanart Contest was opened.



The Winter 2017 Fanart Contest results were in, awarding Leissss with the most votes. OWC 2017 concluded with Poland being victorious. Thanks to LiquidPL, the cringey download page in osu!web has been redone. The day before Christmas, another handful of community contributors were announced. Every player received osu!supporter status temporarily for testing purposes, which coincidentally happened on Christmas Eve. peppy ends the year with a video, giving 2017 a year-in-review in regards to osu!lazer.