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Auto (mod)

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Not to be confused with Autopilot (mod).


  • Abbreviation: AT or AO
  • Type: Special
  • Score Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Default shortcut key: V
  • Caption: Watch a perfect automated play through the song.
  • Compatible game modes:


Notice: Enabling the Auto mod will cause the play to be unranked and will not be saved to the local leaderboards.

The Auto mod is a game modifier that allows players to watch a perfect playthrough of the selected beatmap.

The mod functions exactly like a replay, with the options for 0.5x/1.0x/2.0x speed playback to be used and comments on the beatmap to be seen and made like normal. The Auto mod will always get an SS grade, with the exception of a few special cases.


In osu!standard, when encountered with a spinner, the Auto mod will spin to a maximum of 477 spins per minute (SPM) in a counter-clockwise rotation.


In osu!taiko, the Auto mod will attempt a perfect playthrough, but won't always get an SS grade. It will occasionally miss a tick on drumrolls that do not start on a whole or half beat and will not always be able to complete dendens on maps with a very high overall difficulty.


In osu!catch, the Auto mod will actually go beyond perfect and use unlimited speed to catch every single banana in a spinner, despite such a feat being impossible for a human player.


In osu!mania, the Auto mod will attempt a perfect playthrough, but may miss densely-stacked notes (e.g., multiple key presses close together on a hold bar).


  • When watching an Auto replay, the username displayed in the leaderboard will be "osu!."