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osu! WP is a port (or a remake) of the original game on the Windows Phones platform by cxy783670568. It has been available on Windows Phone store for a month and is free after v1.4 update.

Game interface default supports Chinese(Simplified), Japanese, and English(United States).


256MB devices (like Nokia Lumia 610) not supported.

Forum Post

How to install (Device Way)

How to install (Computer way) http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/How-to/wp8/apps/how-do-i-install-apps-from-an-sd-card Official Reference

  • Go to osu! WP link @Windows Phone store.
  • Scroll down the page (do not press the blue Install button), find and click "Download and install manually"
  • Allow the download.
  • Transfer the .xap to SD card using a memory card reader or directly to your phone using it's USB drive.
  • Insert the SD card with osu-wp.xap to your phone.
  • On "Start" button, tap "Store" tile; then tap "SD card".
  • Select "osu-wp.xap"; then tap Install.
  • osu! WP is installed to your phone.

Note: Installed apps appear in the App list and games appear in the Games Hub.

Importing Beatmaps

Original Post(ZH)

Device way

  • Open osu! WP
  • Tap "Get Songs"
  • Search and select the songs you want to download.
  • The songs will be downloaded and can be played after decompression.

Online Skydrive way (Requires Microsoft account {@hotmail/@live} and file compression { WinZIP }) Part 1: Making .osz file (Skip to Part 2 if your selected songs is not in folder form)

  • Pick out your songs folders. Copy-Paste to Desktop or any directory you prefer.
    • You can opt to remove StoryBoard elements, .osb file , Skin, video , (Taiko/CtB/Mania) difficulties to trip down the overall size. Do not do this on original version.
  • Compress the folders with preferred file compression software.
  • Set Archive format to "ZIP" and rename the file extension from ".zip" to ".osz"
  • Wait for it to complete.
  • .osz file is created.
    • If you are skeptical about it, you can test it on your PC osu! Do note that you will have to redo the "compress" scenario again since the .osz will change to folder form.

Part 2: Uploading to and downloading from SkyDrive PC part

  • Connect to Internet and log-in to SkyDrive.
  • Upload the .osz file.
    • Please bear in mind you have 7GB free.

Phone with osu! WP part

  • Open your phone connection to Internet and log-in to SkyDrive.
  • Find and download the .osz file.
  • Open the .osz file and the file will go to osu! WP.
    • Note: If your phone's battery is running low or the power saving mode is enabled , the download operation may be suspended. Please connect your phone charger to download.


What is the difference?

  • Does not support Video, Storyboard and Skins.
  • No Combo Fire, Combo Burst(Character appearance), and Countdown(3,2,1,Go!)
  • No prompt during Break Time period (No warning arrows, no pass/fail image)
  • Game Modifiers: Only Easy, No Fail, Hard Rock, Sudden Death, Hidden, and Auto. (2,3,1)


Main MenuMain Menu

Main Menu

Song SelectionSong Selection

Song Selection





Music HubMusic Hub

Music Hub


Can I log in using my osu! account?


  • If you wish to log-in (requires internet connection, either Wi-Fi, 3G, or anything to get you connected), you have to log-in your osu! WP account or sign up first.
    • The name can support Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters.