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opsu! logoopsu! logo

opsu! is an unofficial open-source port of osu! created by @itdelatrisu, a rhythm game based on popular commercial games such as Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents. It is written in Java using Slick2D and LWJGL, wrappers around the OpenGL and OpenAL libraries.

opsu! runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms. A libGDX port by @fluddokt additionally supports Android devices.


Please refer to the official website release notes (itdelatrisu).

Alternatively, Android's port official website release notes (fluddokt).


Desktop port

  • Download and install osu! (Ignore if already have osu!).
    • opsu!-{version}.jar operate using osu! resources.
  • Visit https://itdelatrisu.github.io/opsu/ .
  • Click on Desktop Releases at the right of the screen to download.
    • Because of the nature of opsu! as a Java program, the browser will alert about the security issue. Allow the download.
    • Alternatively, for older version, go to https://github.com/itdelatrisu/opsu/releases/ and pick a version.
  • Operate opsu!-{version}.jar anywhere.
    • Unless osu! files were put somewhere else other than the default directory, then:
      • Set the paths manually in the configuration file (.opsu.cfg, generated when the program starts), or
      • Run opsu! from the working directory (if osu! in G:\(directory name), then put opsu!.jar into osu! folder located in G:\).
  • opsu! will operate in the Desktop as a Java program.

Android's port

How to install (PC way)

  • Visit https://itdelatrisu.github.io/opsu/ .
  • Tap on the Android release button.
  • Wait for download to complete
  • Transfer the .apk file to the device using the suitable USB cable (Bluetooth is possible but using USB is much more efficient).
    • Please set the device to "USB connection mode" first depending on device requirement.
  • Find and open the .apk file from the device.
  • Allow opsu!-android{releasenum}.apk to install.
    • If the phone alerts about the security issue, disable the Unknown source button. It can re-enabled later anyway in Settings.
  • opsu! is now installed in the phone.

How to install (Device way)

  • Visit https://itdelatrisu.github.io/opsu/ .
  • Tap on the Android release button and download it.
  • Wait for download to complete and allow opsu!-android{releasenum}.apk to install.
    • If the phone alerts about the security issue, disable the Unknown source button. It can re-enabled later anyway in Settings.
  • opsu! is now installed in the phone.

Adding Beatmaps

Note: Only beatmaps downloaded from bloodcat's osu! server and/or from the "osu!MapDownloader" app below can play the current beatmap version without crashing. Note2: These methods will be focusing on the Android devices. The method is the same for Desktop players as it operates on osu! folder.

opsu! Direct Download (Recommended)

  • Launch opsu!
  • Click Downloads at the right of the screen. The player should be directed to a page similar to osu!direct.
  • Pick or search the beatmap(s) to download.
    • Double-tap the song's tab to initiate the download.
    • Online connection is required to use the service
    • There are a few download server as shown below:-
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • Import the beatmap by selecting Import All
  • Beatmap(s) downloaded can now be played in opsu!.

osu!MapDownloader app way (Android only)

  • Download and Install the app @Play Store (2.3MB)
  • Open "osu!MapDownloader"
  • Open the settings menu of "osu!MapDownloader"
    • Depending on device, long press the right/left button may open the settings menu of the app.
  • Modify the "Select download folder" to the opsu!'s "Songs" folder.
    • "osu!MapDownloader" will automatically unzip the .osz file.
  • Pick beatmap(s) and download.
  • Open opsu! and enjoy.

P.S. It has many other uses other than downloading beatmaps for opsu!.

Online way

  • Open a browser and go to http://bloodcat.com/osu/
  • Select beatmap for downloading
  • Change the download directory to (opsu! install location)/opsu/SongPacks.
  • Wait until the beatmap download completed.
  • The beatmap can be imported at the next launch of opsu!

Obsolete method

PC way (Beatmaps not from bloodcat's website may cause crashes)

  • Connect device to PC with USB cable
  • The location to put in now depends on what type the file is.
    • If .osz or .zip files, copy them into the device's opsu/SongPacks directory.
    • If unpacked songs (i.e. in folders), copy them into opsu/Songs directory.
  • Disconnect device and launch opsu!


What is the difference?

  • Some slidertypes may not have support yet.
  • Free access to psudeo-osu!direct service (is an osu!supporter feature in osu!).
  • Dynamic Main Menu background based on the current song's background (can be disabled; is an osu!supporter feature in osu!).
  • May need to change the "Music Offset" value if hit objects are out of sync.
  • opsu! allows any beatmaps to forcefully use a predefined Difficulty Settings set in the Options sidebar.

For Android players

Note: For comparison, osu!droid will be used as an unwilling participant.

  • opsu! is more faithful to osu! as a clone compared to osu!droid.
    • opsu! Desktop is almost the same as opsu! Android.
  • Hit objects in opsu! follows as per osu!standard unlike osu!droid that resizes the Hit objects larger than usual.
    • opsu! is geared toward pen play rather than osu!droid's focus on freehand play.
  • opsu! follows the elegance of osu! Interface rather than osu!droid's resized larger Interface.
    • For a small screen (4-inch and below) or having difficulty reading the user interface, the user interface can be scaled in the options screen under Extras;UI Scale.
    • In doubt, use the left side of the screen for scrolling.
      • Absolute Scrolling (right-click to speedscroll the scrollbar exactly to the cursor location by top-down distance) was disabled here.
  • opsu! has about the same amount of Game Modifiers (in-progress) to osu! compared to osu!droid's limited Game Modifiers.
  • opsu! is less prone to crashing than osu!droid (crashes immediately if there is a beatmap it cannot read).
  • No support for video in Android port, yet.


opsu! Main Menuopsu! Main Menu

opsu! Main Menu

opsu! Song Selectionopsu! Song Selection

opsu! Song Selection screen

opsu! Options sidebaropsu! Options sidebar

opsu! Options sidebar

opsu! Game Modifiersopsu! Game Modifiers

opsu! Game Modifiers

opsu! Gameplay 1opsu! Gameplay 1

opsu! Gameplay 1

opsu! Gameplay 2opsu! Gameplay 2

opsu! Gameplay 2

opsu! Result screenopsu! Result screen

opsu! Result screen

opsu! Downloads screen (Online)opsu! Downloads screen (Online)

opsu! Downloads screen (Online)

Options screen

Located in Song Selection screen under Other Options (look below of the screen with four row of buttons, a profile card, opsu! play logo, and a back button; the rightmost button is Other Options).

Slide left/right on the tab to decrease/increase the value respectively.

Please slide responsibly as the Android port is very touch-sensitive.



Option Effect Notes
Prefer metadata in original language Where available, song titles will be shown in their native language (and character-set)


Option Effect Notes
Disable automatic updates Enable to not update opsu! to the latest new release opsu! Desktop only



Option Effect Notes
Resolution opsu! screen size opsu! Desktop only
Fullscreen mode Enable to allow opsu! to use the whole screen opsu! Desktop only


Option Effect Notes
Frame limiter Frame limiter opsu! Desktop only
Show FPS counter Show a subtle FPS counter in the bottom-right corner of the screen

Detail Settings

Option Effect Notes
Snaking sliders Sliders gradually snake out from their starting point.
Combo bursts A character image is displayed at combo milestones.
Hit lighting Adds an effect behind hit explosions.
Perfect hits Whether to show perfect hit result bursts (300s, slider ticks).
Follow points Whether to show follow points between hit objects.
Option Effect Notes
Enable Dynamic Backgrounds The song background will be used as the main menu background
Parallax Add a parallax effect based on the current cursor position
Enable Theme Song Whether to play the theme song upon starting opsu!



Option Effect Notes
Background dim Percentage of dim the background image during gameplay 0% - 100%
Force default playfield Use own skin's playfield
Show Hit Error Bar Shows precisely how accurate you were with each hit



Option Effect Notes
Master Global volume level. 0% - 100%
Music Volume of music. 0% - 100%
Effects Volume of menu and game sounds 0% - 100%
Hit sounds Volume of hit sounds 0% - 100%
Disable all sound effects May resolve Linux sound driver issues. Requires a restart.

Offset Adjustment

Option Effect Notes
Universal offset Adjust this value if hit objects are out of sync. -500ms - 500ms (-75ms)



Option Effect Notes
Skin Click to change skin Default skin is called "Default"
Load HD images Load HD (@2x) images when available. Increases memory usage and loading times.
Ignore all beatmap skins Ignore Beatmaps' Skins
Always use skin cursor Use own skin cursor
Cursor Size Change the cursor scale 0.50x - 2.00x. Default is 1.00x
Disable Cursor Hide the cursor sprite



Option Effect Notes
Disable mouse wheel in play mode During play, you can use the mouse wheel to adjust the volume and pause the game. This will disable that functionality. No effect in Android port
Disable mouse buttons in play mode This option will disable all mouse buttons. Specifically for people who use their keyboard to click.


Option Effect Notes
Left Game Key Tap to change Click any key in keyboard to change the key. Default: Z. No effect in Android port
Right Game Key Tap to change Click any key in keyboard to change the key. Default: X. No effect in Android port



Option Effect Notes
Fixed Circle Size (CS) Force the size of circles and sliders Disabled - 10.0
Fixed HP Drain Rate (HP) Force rate of health loss Disabled - 10.0
Fixed Approach Rate (AR) Force display length of hit objects Disabled - 10.0
Fixed Overall Difficulty (OD) Force time window judgement Disabled - 10.0
Fixed Speed Determines the speed of the music Disabled - 3.00x. Can be sped up again using Double Time mod.


Option Effect Notes
Track Checkpoint Press Ctrl+L while playing to load a checkpoint, and Ctrl+S to set one. Slide to change the timing. PC only. Does not work on Android port.
Replay Seeking Enable a seeking bar on the left side of the screen during replays. PC only. Does not work on Android port.


Option Effect Notes
Detailed loading progress Display more specific loading information in the splash screen.


Option Effect Notes
UI Scale Scales aesthetics UI elements except Hit Objects and the playfield. Restart required. 0.2 - 3.0. Default: 2.0
Enable in-game pause button Shows an in-game pause button {located at lower-right of the screen}
Enable New Slider Use the new Slider style.
Old Slider Quality Lower value for better looking sliders 1 - 7. Enable New Slider must be disabled.
Enable in-game scoreboard Display the in-game scoreboard
Remove some spinner UI elements Makes spinners less laggy (maybe)


  • Unless stated, the options apply immediately after modification.
    • Restart = Ctrl + Shift + F5 (PC only).
    • For Android, close and open opsu! after applying the change.

How to install skins

Same as the original osu!.

Move the skin folder into (drive opsu! installed in)/opsu/Skin/. It is not suggested to modify the filepath.

What elements to remove

  • Any .zip or folder contents in the skin (to save space).
  • osu!taiko, osu!catch, and osu!mania skinning elements (if exist).


Is there a beatmap specially made for opsu!?

Any beatmap that is made for original osu! is also made for opsu!.

There were no beatmaps created specifically for opsu!.

I have many beatmaps in T-Aiko/osu!droid...

  • Cut and Paste all the beatmaps to opsu/Songs manually using the device's File Explorer.
    • (Unconfirmed) T-Aiko/osu!droid is/are unable to use mnt/sdcard/opsu/Songs directory for some reason (it will crash [osu!droid] or gives unknown error [T-Aiko]).

Why is the default skin different?

All osu! graphic and other game assets are copyright ppy Pty Ltd. [...] You are NOT permitted to use these graphics outside of skins and/or beatmaps. This includes using them on other websites, games, products etc.

Should I remove osu!droid?


osu!droid was specifically made for Android landscape in mind. Moreover, osu!droid(6.40MB as in ver. 1.5.10) is lighter than opsu!(27.88MB as in ver. 0.15.0b). Otherwise (especially if it keep crashing), transport the beatmaps to opsu! and uninstall osu!droid.


opsu! Main Menu (first version)opsu! Main Menu (first version)

opsu! Main Menu (first version)