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Note: The game has reached the final build and online mode has been disabled. All information provided assumed the new T-Aiko! was not yet released.

Drum to the beat of your favourite songs and become a part of T-Aiko!

T-Aiko! is a rhythm game inspired by Taiko no Tatsujin (alternatively known as Taiko: Drum Master) with the huge library of songs from osu! which is compatible with T-Aiko!

Final build: 1.6, as in 02 July 2013 (2013-07-02)


Motorola phones are not supported.

Original Post

  • Use a device (must be Android) and go online (by Wi-Fi or Packet Data).
  • Go to Google Play page for T-Aiko!
    • If Google requests to key in Google account details, please do so.
  • Allow the file to install.
  • Wait and "T-Aiko!" is now installed in the device.

Alternate Way (Android 2.1 or later version)

  • Use a device and go online (by Wi-Fi or Packet Data).
  • Open "Google Play" app.
    • If Google requests to key in Google account details, please do so.
  • Search "T-Aiko!"
  • Press Install, then Accept and Install
  • Wait and "T-Aiko!" will be installed to the device.

Adding Beatmaps

USB way

  • Connect a device to PC with USB cable.
    • Depending on device, configure the device to USB mode to connect the PC. Please do so before plugging in and/or making any report.
  • Put the songs files (either in .osz or folder form) into T-Aiko!/Songs directory.
    • Directory will vary if modified in Advanced Option; put in that directory instead.
  • Plug off the device and launch T-Aiko!
  • Go to Song selection and press the refresh button at the upper-left of the screen.
  • New beatmaps are now playable.

Device way (requires osu!droid)

  • Open a browser and go to http://bloodcat.com/osu/
  • Select beatmap for downloading
  • Change the download directory to /mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/ (This directory is by default)
  • Wait until the beatmap is downloaded.
  • Launch osu!droid and press "Play"
  • Exit osu!droid after the cache has been built.
    • If T-Aiko filepath is not osu!droid/Songs, move the beatmaps to T-Aiko/Songs manually using the phone's file explorer.
  • Open T-Aiko and press Play.
  • Enjoy the new beatmaps.
    • If the beatmaps does not load, please hit the refresh button at the upper-left part of the play screen.

What is the difference?

  • Some beatmaps may not work on T-Aiko!.
  • Spinners may appear as a single large red note. (?)
  • Character (like Wada Don and Wada Katsu) will not appear [due to copyright issues].
  • The game itself cannot be skinned currently.
  • Song length appears as blue line above the large drum and below the conveyer white line while lifebar is simplifies to a red line at upper left of the screen.
  • A large drum at the second half of the screen (Can be disabled). Hitting the drum creates red note (Don) and hitting outside the drum area creates blue note (Katsu).
  • Video and Storyboard is unsupported.
  • Combo Fire and Combo Burst (Character appearance) will not appear.
  • [Game Modifiers][GM wikilink]: Only [Auto][Auto wikilink]
  • Information (Length, BPM) about the beatmap selected is missing.
  • Beatmap search is missing.
  • Ranking and Replays are not available.
  • Placement of taiko-specific background is off.


Main MenuMain menu

Main menu

Song SelectionSong Selection

Song Selection





Options Screen

(The design may vary depending on device)


Option Effect Notes
Autoplay Enable/Disable Autoplay Will not show Grade screen at the end of beatmap.


Option Effect Notes
Show Drum Show/Hide the drum in-game
Haptic Feedback Vibrates when touching certain elements. Notable during intense drumming.


Option Effect Notes
Sound Effect Volume Set the volume of sound effects [0-100] (default 50)


Option Effect Notes
My Phone is Older Enable to help the game run smoothly on older phones.
Offset Set general offset

Advanced Options

Option Effect Notes
Beatmap Folder Default (mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko/Songs) Not suggested to modify if you do not know how-to
.ogg offset Offset for .ogg files
Native Audio Player Better timing accuracy, but is more demanding and Mono audio only.
VBR offset Offset for mp3's encoded with variable bitrate


I added a new beatmap and T-Aiko! didn't load it

  • Did not hit the refresh button at the upper-left of the "Select a Song".
  • Placed the beatmap at the wrong beatmap directory or set a wrong beatmap directory. Set the beatmap directory properly [See below] and replace the beatmap to a proper beatmap directory.

I have a lot of beatmaps at osu!droid/Songs...

  • From Main Menu, press Options-> Advanced Options-> Beatmap Folder.
  • Modify mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko!/Songs to mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/Songs.
  • Return to Main Menu.
    • T-Aiko! may stop abruptly to follow the new filepath and the application may shut down itself.
  • Press T-Aiko application and go to Play menu (Song selection). The beatmaps should appear.
    • If new beatmaps did not appear, press the refresh button located at the upper-left screen. It will recompile the beatmaps library.