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Note: Information is accurate as of version 2.4.0 update (10/11 March 2017, 2017-03-10/11, for Android/iOS respectively)

T-Aiko v2 logoT-Aiko v2 logo

T-Aiko v2 logo

Click for deprecated version 1 by Guy-kun.

Description Release date
Hinted (Android) 07 February 2015 (2015-02-07).
Public release (Android) 27 May 2015 (2015-05-27).
Hinted (iOS) 02 November 2015 (2015-11-02).
Public release (iOS) 19 December 2015 (2015-12-19).

Welcome to T-Aiko! 2.0: A complete remake of the original T-Aiko!

T-Aiko! is a Rhythm game inspired by Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Drum Master) and based on the gameplay and huge songs library of osu!

Drum to the beat of your favourite songs, challenge yourself with highscore tracking and become a part of the development that is T-Aiko!

You can download songs through the in-app link to osu!downloader.

Online services will come in the future.

Audio by Superpowered


Original Post

Play Store (Android 2.1 or later) / App Store (iOS 7.0 or later) [Recommended method]

  • Use the device and go online (by Wi-Fi or Packet Data).
  • Open Play Store (Android) / App Store (iOS) app.
    • If Google/Apple requests for Google/Apple account details, please do so.
  • Search "T-Aiko!"
  • Press Install, then Accept and Install
  • Wait and "T-Aiko!" will be installed to the device.


Request by browser (Alternate device required)

Reference: Android central entry.

  • Alternate device (most likely, a desktop computer or laptop) and log-in with a Play Store account (linked to at least, one device to install in).
  • Then, go to T-Aiko! page in Google's Play Store and Install.
    • If Google requests for Google account details or for confirmation, please do so.
  • The device linked to the currently logged-in Google Play account will start to download and install T-Aiko! by Play Store.
    • The alternate device (i.e., desktop computer or laptop) will not download anything.

Note: Both devices must be connected to the Internet and logged-in with the same Google Play account.

.APK download [Unsafe]

  • Search and download the .apk file in question.
  • Transfer to the device in question.
  • Install the .apk file.
    • If there is a pop-up warning, read the warning carefully and enable the settings to allow for installation from unknown source manually. Redo the installation step again after changing the settings.

Note: This type of installation carry the highest risk of getting malware. Unless for a good reason (such as re-installing T-Aiko v1 from a backup application or the device has limited Internet connectivity), use the above installation method instead.



Adding Beatmaps

USB way

  • Connect device to desktop computer/laptop with USB cable.
    • Configure device to USB mode to connect the desktop computer/laptop if required. Please do so before plugging in and/or making any report.
  • Put the songs files (either in .osz or folder form) into T-Aiko/Songs directory.
    • Directory will vary if modified in Option;Song Folder. Put in that directory instead.
  • Plug off the device and launch T-Aiko!
  • Go to Song selection (Solo / Online;Daily) and press the refresh button at the upper-right of the screen, located beside the (cloud download button / info button about Competitive Mode).
  • New beatmaps are now playable.

Note: For iOS, this generic method only work if the device has been jailbroken. If the device has not been modified in any way, please use iTunes.


T-Aiko! Online's DDL way (Competitive mode only, limited to listed beatmaps only)

  • Go online (by Wi-Fi or Packet Data) and open T-Aiko!.
  • Log-in/Sign-up a profile.
  • Tap on Online, then tap on Daily.
    • If it was grayed out, go to Options and disable Autoplay.
  • Click on any transparent beatmap tabs shown.
    • A pop-up should appear requesting which download stream to download from. Any stream works.
  • Wait patiently as it download in the background until a pop-up (depending on device) asking how to operate the newly downloaded file with.
    • If the download was interrupted/incomplete and cannot be extracted, there will be a pop-up to notify about it. To rectify this, use a file manager to search and delete the bad beatmap file manually. Redownload it after that.
  • Choose T-Aiko!, and it will be imported and extracted immediately.
  • Go break new records on the newly downloaded beatmap.

Note: This only works if logged-in to an T-Aiko! account. The alternative offered in Solo is showing a list of credible sites to download the beatmap from, by using preferred browser. The steps are almost similar to the "Device way" below.

Device way

  • Go online (by Wi-Fi or Packet Data)
  • Open preferred browser and go to one of the links below.
    • http://bloodcat.com/osu/
    • http://osu.uu.gl/
    • http://osubeatmaps.com/
    • http://altosu.org/
  • Select desired beatmap for downloading
  • Change the download directory to /mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko/Songs (This directory is by default settings)
  • Wait until the beatmap is downloaded.
  • Open T-Aiko!
  • Go to Song selection (Solo / Online;Daily) and press the refresh button at the upper-right of the screen, located beside the (cloud download button / info button about Competitive Mode).
  • New beatmaps are now playable.



What is the difference?


  • The game itself cannot be skinned.
  • Video and Storyboard are unsupported.

Song Selection

Tutorial screen (animated)Tutorial screen (animated)

Tutorial screen (animated)

  • Tutorial screen (for first entry or no beatmaps)
  • Some beatmaps may not work on T-Aiko!.
    • Beatmaps will not update automatically. If the beatmap in question has been updated, redownload it.
  • Information (Song Length, BPM) about the beatmap selected is missing.
  • Placement of taiko-specific background is off.
  • Beatmap search is missing.
  • Replays are not available.
  • Scoreboard's detailed results cannot be removed nor read. Only top 4 is shown. Older, lower scores can only be found by replaying that difficulty and reaching the results screen.
  • Delete the beatmap by holding down on the beatmap tab. There should be a pop-up asking for delete confirmation. Scores gained will not be lost.
  • Interface of Song Selection will change depending on which play mode as shown below.

Song Selection screen for Solo mode.Song Selection screen for Solo mode.

Song Selection screen for Solo mode.

Song Selection screen for Online (Daily) mode.Song Selection screen for Online (Daily) mode.

Song Selection screen for Online (Daily) mode.

Playmode Solo Online (Daily)
Requirement (none) Profile and Internet Connection
Ranking? No (considered as offline play) Yes.
Direct download? No (redirect to external beatmap site by preferred browser) Yes (background, notice given when done, full download)
Playable list? Beatmaps stored in device Beatmaps stored in device (if same) or blank beatmap list to be downloaded
List update? Manual Single beatmapset daily added to online list


  • Spinners has been implemented (improvement from v1).
  • Song time appears as a blue line at the top-most of the screen.
  • Lifebar is a green line at upper part of the conveyor.
  • A large drum at the second half of the screen (can be disabled). Hitting the drum creates red note (Don) and hitting outside the drum area creates blue note (Katsu).
  • Pausing/Skip is located above the conveyor. Press anywhere at the upper-part to activate.
  • Game Modifiers: Only Auto.

Profile tab

Implementation: Build 2.1.1 (09 September 2015, 2015-09-09)

Logged-in T-Aiko! profile. Tap on the profile tab in Main Menu to pick the profile card.


Profile Cards are image card for the profile. Currently limited to 16 cards.

List of profile cards availableList of profile cards available

List of profile cards available

Read from left-to-right, top-to-bottom

First Row

Artist Name Source Senpai only?
シエラ (cierra) 対立 (Tairitsu/Conflict) Arcaea Y
シエラ (cierra) 光 (Hikaru/Light) Arcaea Y
Guy-kun ? Original Y
T-Aiko! original T-Aiko! Original
T-Aiko! original PSP! Sony PSP
tagi (pixiv source) Yuyuko Saigyouji [Touhou][Touhou link]
tagi (pixiv source) Misa Kurobane Charlotte Y
tagi (pixiv source) Remilia Scarlet [Touhou][Touhou link]

Second Row

Artist Name Source Senpai only?
tagi (pixiv source) Isuzu Sento (Hestia cosplay) Amaburi (cosplay: DanMachi)
tagi (pixiv source) Rin Tohsaka Fate series Y
tagi (pixiv source) Aoi Yamada Working!!
tagi ? Original
tagi (pixiv source) Murakumo Kai Ni KanColle
tagi ? Original
tagi ? Original
tagi ? Original


Profile Borders are special borders for exceptional ranking standings or exclusive players contributions to T-Aiko! development.


Attainable from online play and ranking. Active until fail to meet the condition specified.

Border Name Condition
Black border - Gained by default.
Red border with LEGEND mark at lower-right Legend Top 5 in overall Ranking.
Yellow border with RANKER mark at lower-right Ranker Top 50 in overall Ranking.


Exclusive profile cards for T-Aiko! contributors. Permanent, and has higher precedence over normal borders.

Border Name Condition
Purple border with DEV mark at lower-right Dev Reserved title for T-Aiko developers.
Green border with ARTIST mark at lower-right Artist Send art to guydesu@gmail.com. Chance of getting by developer's decision.
Grey border with TESTER mark at lower-right Tester Limited to original testers of T-Aiko! 2.0


Please click here (image-intensive page)

Options Screen

(!) = Credits

Options screenOptions screen

Options screen

Song Directory screenSong Directory screen

Song Directory screen

Offset screenOffset screen

Offset screen

Credits screenCredits screen

Credits screen

Game mods

Name Effect Note
Autoplay Enable/Disable Auto A special "Not saved: Autoplay" notice will be displayed at Grade screen.

Game settings

Name Effect Note
Show Drum Show/Hide the drum in-game.
Song Folder Default (mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko/Songs) Not suggested to modify
Low Performance mode Use this mode if T-Aiko is being sluggish or processor chip is not strong.
Show Timings Show whether timing is EARLY/LATE when getting 可 (GOOD) rating slightly above the conveyor drum.

Audio provider

Name Effect Note
Android / Superpowered Use native Android audio library / "Superpowered" audio library by Superpowered Inc. [Superpowered] Does not support .ogg audio. May not work in certain devices.
Audio Sync Direct to Offset screen. Set the audio offset. +/- 10ms per click.
Volume Set the volume of sound effects [0% - 100%] (default 70%) +/- 10% per click.

In-App purchases

Senpai (USD$ 4.49)


Senpai (USD$ 4.49)

  • Senpai-only profile cards.
  • Retry button.
  • Senpai with heart image on the profile tab.


  • One-off payment.
  • Linked to Google/Apple account currently signed-in.


Why my profile rank and score did not increase?

  • Currently, the only way to increase the rank and score is by playing the beatmap list specified in Online;Daily
  • Playing Solo is akin to playing offline, for now.
    • Even if the beatmap is 100% same as the list and gained a new record, it will not be counted towards the profile as long as playing in Solo, online or offline.

I added a new beatmap and T-Aiko! didn't load it

  • Did not hit the refresh button at the upper-right of the "Select a Song".
  • Placed the beatmap at the wrong beatmap directory or set a wrong beatmap directory. Set the beatmap directory properly and place beatmaps to a proper beatmap directory.
  • [Using T-Aiko! Online's DDL] If the download was interrupted/incomplete and cannot be extracted, there will be a pop-up to notify about it. To rectify this, use file manager to search and delete the bad beatmap file manually. Redownload it after that.

I have a lot of beatmaps at osu!droid/Songs...

  • From Main Menu, press Options -> Song Folder.
  • Modify mnt/sdcard/T-Aiko/Songs to mnt/sdcard/osu!droid/Songs.
  • Return to Main Menu.
  • Press T-Aiko application and go to Solo/Online (Song selection). Beatmaps should appear.
    • If new beatmaps did not appear, press the refresh button located at the upper-right screen. It will recompile the beatmaps library.

Can I use the old T-Aiko/osu!droid account?




  • T-Aikov2 used to be supported by advertisements until 10/11 March 2017 (2017-03-10/11) update (version 2.4.0), where all the advertisements has been removed.
    • Before that update, the only way to remove the advertisement permanently is by applying for the Senpai upgrade.
    • The advertisement usually pops up once a difficulty was completed and directed to the results screen.
    • There will always be five (5) seconds cooldown time before being allowed to return to the song selection.
    • The advertisement does not pop-up when played offline.