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Changing Title Text


Changing the Title Text : The Guide by: Ekaru

How to get it changed

Sadly, you can't do this yourself. Just ask a QAT to change it. They're the only ones that are able to, so just give them a note of what you need/want, and if it's reasonable enough, you'll get your new title text on your map! Easy, right?!

Why should I change it?

If used correctly, it can add a certain effect (in a good way!) to a map. It changes the presentation of your map in an effective manner if used correctly by changing the elements and the time of the appearance of the title. If you're a storyboarder, this might be a very huge benefit to you!

General Info

Send a PM (private message) with this to a QAT member.

  • Syntax is as follows:

[firstOption:firstValue,secondOption:secondValue] and so on, so forth; notice there are no spaces around punctuation marks

  • You can split title text into lines using the pipe character, |
  • Text formatting can't be set for separate words or symbols. Instead, it applies to the whole line (see above). Formatting options should be in the very beginning of the line;
  • Empty lines are allowed, but please mind the space. The standard font size is kind of big, and 3 or 4 lines can eat the whole screen space;

What can be changed?

Colour of the text


R, G and B are values between 0 and 255, separated by period. Also note it's "colour", a British English spelling of "color".

Time of appearance


Time in milliseconds from the beginning of audio when the title starts fading in. It is affected by a fade, which is 1/20th the hold time in ms

Time of hold


How long the text stays on the screen, including the fade in and out.


bold:1 or 0

1 means the line is bold, 0 — that it's regular.

Font size


Font size in points.


Default line for every freshly submitted/updated with no artist/title changes map is:


Default values, if not specified:

  • time: previous line + 500
  • bold: 1
  • size: 40
  • colour: 255.255.255
  • hold: 6000


[time:672,size:30,colour:255.0.0,hold:1000]Line 1|[bold:0]Line 2

Line 1 will start fading in for 50 ms at 672, be a red color, and be midsized and bold, fading out to 0 at 1672. Line 2 will start fading in for 300 ms at 1172 and fade to 0 at 7172, be white, and large but not bold.