Monthly Beatmapping Contest


  • Winners of this contest will receive the "Elite Mapper" forum title
  • Only winners of #1 to #5 had their beatmap bundled (along with osu!tutorial into osu!installer. The rest do not unless stated otherwise.
Contest No. Beatmap Mode Mapper Results Scores
1 Rostik - Liquid (Paul Rosenthal Remix) osu!standard Charles445 Results Score #1
2 cYsmix feat. Emmy - Tear Rain osu!standard jonathanlfj Results Score #2
3 Chasers - Lost osu!standard ktgster Results Score #3
4 Kuba Oms - My Love osu!standard W h i t e Results Score #4
5 Rameses B - Flaklypa osu!standard -kevincela- Results Score #5
6 LeaF - Evanescent osu!standard Charles445 Results Score #6
7.1 Soleily - Renatus osu!standard Gamu Results Score #7.1
7.2 Soleily - Renatus osu!taiko MMzzGamu Results Score #7.2
7.3 Soleily - Renatus osu!catch Deif Results Score #7.3
7.4 Soleily - Renatus osu!mania ExPew Results Score #7.4
8 raja_ffm - the light osu!standard Damnae Results Score #8
9 Furries in a Blender - Storm World osu!taiko Firce777 Results Score #9
10 Hylian Lemon - Foresight Is for Losers osu!catch ZiRoX Results Score #10
11 Freedom Planet - Dragon Valley (Toni Leys Remix feat. Esteban Bellucci) osu!mania LordRaika Results Score #11
12 IAHN - Candy Luv osu!standard Taeyang Results Score #12
13 Helblinde - The Solace of Oblivion osu!standard ProfessionalBox Results Score #13
14 N/A osu!mania N/A N/A N/A

Monthly Fanart Contest


  • Two winners (by public poll and staff) will each get a full one-year supporter tag and osu!tablet/Pippi Plushie.
  • Runner-ups get one-month supporter tag.

You can see a gallery of each contest at the Facebook page.

To see the completed fanart contents, see Monthly Fanart Contest.

osu!store Contests


Contest No. Title Requirement Winning selections News Results
1 osu! Beatmap Blueprints Contest osu! Beatmap Blueprints ("Beatmap anywhere") (WIN) News N/A



Placing Results Original Artists
First yealina - Parallel Hearts FictionJunction
Second Sharlo - 緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 -1st Anniversary Remix- EastNewSound
Third MissTitannia - unknown unknown


Placing Results Original Artists
First Sagi - Systematic Love Camelia (Hatsune Miku)
Second CptHampton - Drumming Song Florence + The Machine
Third yealina - Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi Hyadain


Placing Results Original Artist
First Slyleaf - 心做し Kokoronashi Chouchou-P (Megpoid GUMI)
Second Daikyi - days Lia
Third MissTitannia - Vixx unknown