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Henlo People, New Poster here,

So yesterday I turned on my PC, hyped up to play some osu and Bancho was like, NOPE boi the H E C C you say? I AM DISCONNECTING U ASAP ROCKY!
Popped up the message, "Connection failed. Retrying in 30 seconds" and then after 3 retries or so, "Connection failed. Will keep retrying" :o
I have no idea what the frick to do anymore.

Stuff I ALREADY tried:
Restarting... Like 20 times alredy;
Downloading an old osu installer and reinstalling the newest one;
Using random VPNs;
Removing DNS;
Regedit tweaking;
Using rss servers (They worked, until today, and my frustration reached max limits);
Killing myself

None of the fixes here worked, unfortunately!!

Somebody please help me, or I will commit sudoku soon. :cry:

Screenshot showing the problem:


osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
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Tried restarting your Router or modem ;p

It's also possible it's a temporary routing issue with your ISP. Would also be good to make sure nothing is being blocked in your firewall.
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Alredy tried restarting my router and switching my Ethernet cable, that did not work. And I am not sure about what I have to search in the firewall premissions/restrictions section, because I tried typing peppy or osu and nothing popped up.
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