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Whistle Blower
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After I open osu, and run it with Nvidia processor instead of integrated graphics, osu screen seems to freeze when I alt+tab back in the game.
I've checked the settings for both of them in the 3d settings (Nvidia control panel) but nothing seems to be different
The freeze makes the screen stop at the moment i alt tab out of the game, but the sounds still work and osu still detects input because I can hear the sounds
of the cursor being over buttons when i move my tablet.

Edit: The screen does not freeze when i alt tab at edit song selection screen

Edit 2: This only seems to be the case in fullscreen
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Slider Savant
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I have the same exact problem and it started happening after I updated my graphics drivers, but now I can't rollback for some reason. Another way I fixed it was to put osu! in compatibility mode and alt tabbing works fine, but a few ms of latency was added. I came from your other thread you posted about the spinner lag and while I don't have that problem, I do have this game freeze problem in fullscreen. I also have about the same laptop as you, so idk if it's a laptop issue or not...
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