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Problem Details:

Background: Bought this tablet two days ago. Works fine, with the exception that the cursor will never move when I have the driver installed

So... I have since uninstalled the driver but can no longer adjust the work area of my tablet.

So right now I am experimenting with the osu! sensitivity settings (Using 2.5X rn). This adjustment method is generally not preferred, but this is the only way I can adjust tablet sensitivity while maintaining the functionality of my tablet.

I also recognize that some advise using the full area of the tablet, but that is too difficult for me. Maybe I don't have enough practice with full area but it seems uncomfortable.

With all this said, how should I adjust my settings for optimal gameplay with this tablet?

Edit: Not adjusting the work area is actually quite detrimental as it affects my hand placement in such a way that circles towards the northern part of the screen are much more difficult to hit.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
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Have you tried an older driver version? That might help.
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