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Problem Details:
Returning to Osu! from nearly a two week hiatus, I find that some of my favorite beatmaps have been mysteriously deleted (Without my knowledge of it)- thus making me have to redownload most of them. However, I do not remember most of the previous beatmaps I used to have and am in need of finding a way to retrieve their names.
I am not sure if this is because of the recent update, but I can't seem to play my saved replays from BEFORE this update either.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Drive Video with info

EDIT: I fixed the issue with the missing beatmaps by using F5 to refresh as shown in this video and this video; however, my replays are still missing! Please help, I wanted to record my progress over the years, but now I cannot do that :(

EDIT 2: My scores on the beatmaps that have returned have been deleted!

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
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if you have never reinstall osu! the replays will located at osu! folder\data\r, make sure you have enabled "show hidden items" on Windows Explorer
there's a button in options to open the osu! folder
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