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Problem Details:So, I've gotten this problem now twice in a 2 week period about my osu map files being corrupt. Its annoying and it makes me lose my replays so what is going on? Can anyone help me here? I've heard that it happens when you shut your PC off and osu is running, but i havent done that at all.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170616.1 (latest)
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If it makes you feel better I have that same problem. My laptop crashed a ton of times while i was playing osu and one day they all got corrupt after I processed all of them. I didn't see much I could do, other than manually reinstalling all of them.

Hopefully someone that knows more about me regarding this issue can reply and find a solution for both of us. :)
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Is it only your replays that are missing, or is it your beatmaps as well?

If the first is the case, open your osu! folder, search for the scores.db file and move it out of the folder. If your beatmaps are missing as well, in the osu! folder again, move the osu!.db out. Do that while osu! is closed, though.

Also, try running the game as admin.
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