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I often lose PP or not get better PP-wise play submitted, because I either overwrite it with play that have higher number of Score points, or the higher PP play doesn't have enough Score points to beat other play with the same mods combination.

Well, it's not just me. If you read some reddit, in-game channels or check this subforum regularly, you probably know that from a long time already people keep complaining about this, and sometimes the cases are really extreme, when their 400-500 PP play was not submitted, because of sub 200 pp one.

There are many examples of such things happening and submission for multiple mods combinations was a big step forward, reducing how extreme it can be (no more losing pp out of DT plays because of non-DT ones) but maybe one or two more steps are still needed?

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You can still easily lose (or not gain) PP with the same mods combination. It's even worse, when you play taiko, especially converts, as if you care about your position in ranking, it's often better to simply ignore drumrolls, as some inconsistencies on them can easily make you lose PP for SS score or get it not submitted, for a sake of some low acc play...

Example of a situation (osu!std), where not-submitted play would give much more PP:

And don't say that score v2 will fix it, because it will not - without +Hidden, the S-rank play above would give about 870k score, while the higher PP score would be around 702k points. Even, if the difference seems smaller than 850k vs 528k, it's still far from changing the result.

Sure, maybe it will be less often with Score v2, but it will not fix the problem at all.

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What is the reason that, despite many complains from players and people trying to bring the topic up over the time, we still don't have it? Will we ever have PP>Score?
These questions, plus few other ones below, are the reason why I made this topic.

> Is the problem related to some technical difficulties with doing this? (it doesn't really seem hard to simply keep 2 best plays, the highest score and highest PP one, but maybe I just don't know how code works and it needs much of fixing around and changing things?)
> Is it Developers' decision to keep Score > PP, whatever the reason to consider it to be better is?
> Or maybe the reason is something different?
> Is it even considered to do something about it in future?

Can we expect that osu!lazer can give us PP > Score or it will only give us Score v2, which aside of making is less often, will not fix the problem at all?

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I hope that we could hear some concrete answer on this one. I don't know, maybe the answer was already given and as I don't follow all the news that appear, I missed it, but if so, then I would be glad for someone pointing me there :)

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