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Problem Details:
Whenever i try to play osu with a pen my cursor gets stuck in the top left corner. previously when i was playing osu with my tablet on windows 7 i didn't have this problem. when my in-game sensetivity is 1.00 i don't have this problem but whenever i try to change the sensetivity the problem reoccurs. i've looked up solutions but everyone says i should change the mapping of my tablet, but doing this will affect my ability to draw with my tablet. i just want to be able to change the sensetivity without my cursor getting stuck.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
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Nikosbks wrote:
Is your tablet wacom brand? If so try disabling Windows Ink through the Wacom Tablet Properties.
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If your using a tablet try disabling raw input. That fixed it for me.
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