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Rhythm Rookie
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Problem Details:

osu! appears to have performance problems while performing the following operations:

- Attempting to connect to the network
- Connected to the network
- Submitting score
- Having friends online / offline

In addition, most beatmaps tend to have stuttering problems during gameplay.

If this is a problem of non-concurrent I/O operations or related analysis, please fix.

If you are unable to reproduce this problem, here's my PC specs:

- Intel Core i5 2nd Gen, 2C4T 2.3GHz
- Intel HD Graphics
- Without SSD
- Runs osu! with fps around 100
- raw_input() is on

If this problem is caused by the low performance, please notify me too.

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
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Whistle Blower
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Does your fps drop or change in any way when as you say it "stutters"? It could be that your pc isn't good enough, but it could be something else.

Is this a recent problem or has it always been like this?
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Whistle Blower
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Try to disable videos and storyboard, you can also disable notifications.
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