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Rhythm Rookie
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Work fine for me but that happen sometime.

Just wait a few minute and refresh.

I wonder if reading stat will be update
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Tempo Trainee
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Hello -
I noticed that your site has trouble tracking deleted players - it still shows a previous 'sab' as opposed to me when I plug my own name in. Could you fix that?
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Rhythm Incarnate
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My page is still calculating infinitely since last year help
https://discord.gg/mFwxRHp casual discord server :D

PM me (forum or Discord: Kondou#2065) if you want someone to talk to, anything!
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Tempo Trainee
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I wonder if you're still working on this...

But yea if you could do one last update it would be REAL manual score submission, so I could submit my HR scores that do not beat my DT ones for the precision trait, I have a 4* CS9.1 FC that didn't count so let's say I'm a bit sad :>

That would be really making the site great, I like it better than pp+ tbh
Haha yes
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