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Hey guys
I've got a problem with I can't solve on my own but maybe some of you can.

I've been a mouse player for four years now and have been playing with a Logitech g502 for around two years and never had any problems since i began using it.
However sometime around last autumn my mouse suddenly began encountering a few problems (i also play LoL and csgo and don't have any problems there so it could be osu specific)
Whenever I play a map, no matter which one sometimes my mouse just suddenly slows down like someone changed the DPI for just around a second and then it goes back to normal.
I've already spent countless of hours googling this problem and always encountered the answer that its Mouse Acceleration. However i've disabled both in the Logitech App and in osu! itself
My mouse settings in osu!

My mouse settings in the Logitech app

However even after doing this i'm still encountering this problem and it's kind of tilting when you hit a stream and your mouse just suddenly slows down making you fail the map.

If any of you might have an idea what the source of the problem could be please let know.

Thanks for your time, cheers

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