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R!N/Gemie - Connexion

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 12:10:17 AM

Artist: R!N/Gemie
Title: Connexion
Source: 少女前线
Tags: G.K darky1 axarious TtmnZk tt mouse girl's doll's frontline shattered ending r!n haloweak mira.z xin vanguard sound The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Adam Klemens Lucie Svehlova english video mobile game
BPM: 180
Filesize: 33769kb
Play Time: 05:07
Difficulties Available:
  1. Isomer (5.78 stars, 1079 notes)

Download: R!N/Gemie - Connexion
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Collab with Axarious.
Storyboard: Darky1
Hitsounds: TtmnZk (do not disable hitsounds please)

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