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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +207
I've seen a topic similar to this, but that's not exactly what I'm requesting. So, having the ability to know who is mutual with you on the "User Control Panel". Sometimes I'm wondering who is Mutual with me and who is not.

For an example, here's the people I added;

To know who is Mutual, maybe adding a "+" before or after the username would be really good.

ReZero wrote:

I went through more than a dozen pages of requests and didn't find anything about this, so I decided to make a topic about it.

So, in the Settings on the web page we can see who we have on our friends list.

And if we go to our friends' profiles, we can see if they have us on their friends lists.

But we have no way to see who have us on their friends lists, if we don't have them on ours. You'd have to add them to your friends list to find it out. I'd like to have some sort of a way to find out when someone has you on their friends list, so, I was thinking that there should be something like this:

IppE and me are actually bestfwiends4lyfe and all, picture is photoshop'd

...as well as a list just like the "Friends" in the settings, except that it probably wouldn't show all the online and offline persons in their own categories, but would instead just show all the users that have you on their friends list but who you don't have on yours:

Any comments? Could this be possible?
who's added you as friend would be good too
I am not saying no for this one ^ :3
I agree with Gabe.
I'll protect all my mutual friends

This is a nice idea really~♪

also, I think you wanna rename the topic to
[web] See who's Mutual with you
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