[resolved] Buttons In osu!Direct Panel slide too far. [confirmed]

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If the panel pops up and you click to download the song, if the panel forces itself to open again while sliding back off the right of the screen, it'll slide out forcefully, the buttons will be offset from the actual panel overlay. This happened when spectating a friend playing the game, and they changed the song at the right time while the panel was closing.

How to replicate:
1. Open osu!direct panel via a link in chat
2. Click the Close option on it
3. About half a second later, click the same link again

Depending on your timing, the panel and buttons will be offset by a different amount.
I can confirm this. I used to do that bug when I had my supporter.
This has happened to me. I'm not entirely sure why it happens. It has something to do with switching windows when an osu direct window pops up.
Oh yeah, this. If you open a second osu!direct panel while the first one is closing, then the data will be positioned wrong, depending on how you timed it. Easy to replicate with an /np link.
Explain the issue you are having:

Is it reproducible? If so, explain the steps to do so:

1. get /nped 2 maps to click on easily
2. Click one and hit cancel, (VERY QUICKLY) click the other /nped map
3. osu!direct side bar explodes in a million pieces!

Include any relevant video or screenshots, and hardware information for hard crashes or lag issues:

Duplicate of t/99537 - you just found a different way to trigger it!
merged a duplicate since it has a different trigger
Oooh. Wondering how i got loads of reply fast haha
Moving this out of low priority. I think this is worth bumping into medium priority.
I think this means you can mark my thread (t/140917) as a duplicate then :/
I don't see how this is high priority at all, as in 99% of cases you have to try to make it happen (and it affects nothing)
Issue(s) in this thread have been addressed by the following changes:
  1. Fix movement of panel's sprites is based on their initial position. (WujekGrzyb)

The changes will be applied to builds newer than b20150921.1cuttingedge.

Please follow up in this thread if you believe more work needs to be done to fix the mentioned issues. If they have not yet been resolved, please provide any new details that may have arisen after this build.
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