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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +3
This idea came to mind before I went to rest. It was so brilliant that I couldn't let it wait and forget it.

Basically, you can formulate a sort of multiplayer-ish game, where instead of battling players, you can battle against previous plays of yourself, or even other replays downloaded from say, a friend, or from the leader boards!

This would be a really fun way to play with your replays, either for the fun of it, for playing in a tournament without having to arrange everyone to the same place at the same time, challenging plays in offline practice, knowing when you're ahead of someone in the leaderboard, find out where you made mistakes and feel, live, that you improved them. :)

All in all, I honestly think we would all have a lot of fun with this!
Oooh, sounds nice.
EDIT: I have no votes left. Here, take my invisible star.
Promoted, seems like a nice idea.
I thought so too. It's why I put the topic. xD
I'm surely going to promote this when I get stars.
That actually reminds me on ghost races of Mario Kart lol
Interesting idea... o.o
request many times before
It seems like it has been suggested before. But this time I have a method for it being implemented. It will use the multiplayer feature of osu! Except it will get the user data from selected relays. It would support up to you and 7 other replays. It's basically the multiplayer mode without the need to netcode. peppy explained how implementing the feature was a difficult task. But perhaps if we explained in detail and help come up with ways to tackle the implementation then perhaps it will be a little less of a chore. :) I know this feel when I code. When I know what I want to do, coding gets way easier.

So, in this case, there would be the option to select ghosts, and osu! will offer the choice of downloading replay data from the top 40 board, use a local replay, or find a replay data on the computer. The replay data will fill up a slot, up to 7 at a time. Then you can start the song, and osu! will live-compare you with the replays by reading the replay data into the multiplayer interface, thus allowing you to compete with replays like multiplayer. Ghost images of the other players won't be shown (unless peppy wants to go the extra mile and do that. That would be miraculous) and at the end, results will be shown like a multiplayer game, and you'll be sent back to the choice of replays screen.

(Yes, the mods used can vary. :3)
I guess it's called ghost replay.

loved that in trackmania
I am just going to follow deadbeat and deny this as a duplicate.
Your implementation is really not that different than some of the other threads I have seen, so I don't think it is worth keeping this thread alive.
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