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big chungus q (open)

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big chungus
I am mostly looking for maps that are interesting in one way or another that make them stand out, be it the way it's mapped or the song itself being an uncommon genre on osu!
(jazzy/funky songs especially, do not request electro swing.)

If you can explain what you think makes your map cooler than everyone else's or briefly explain your favorite concept you use throughout the map, I'd be more likely to mod it

No type of form for requesting

NM is always open unless it specifically says M4M only

If I'm looking for M4M the map(s) will be here:

I'll mod first
Mildly Accurate
map might be painfully generic oops. nm if it somehow passes though xd

tori yo - diao ye zong feat nayuta
Topic Starter
big chungus
open post map
Not DT Farmer
Hi NM req
modding any diff are fine
Patrick Cake
Hello o/
m4m please!
I like my use of contrast between slow and fast sliders in the mid section of the map.

Thanks in advance!
bima fajar
Hey hey, nm please! <3

Author and title: Inova - True Beauty
Genre, speed and lenght: Trap, 128BPM, 4mins (3:32 drain time)
Star rating: 7,32

Map link:

I'm not sure my map stands out in any way from others, but I guess(?) this song genre is not utilized much in osu!.

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