Taiko World Cup #3 (Concluded - Taiwan wins)

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Aww poo, so we're out for good, I guess...
Well, there's always next year

Until then, I shall bid you adieu ~

Haruka wrote:

Basically because there are 8 teams from 4 countries fighting for a spot in ro16 (Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Canada), there are 4 extra slots to be filled by the 4 next most qualified teams based on SDR. Those teams moving on are Germany A (#17), Indonesia (#19), Spain (#20), and Macau (#21). The reason USA B is crossed out is because technically they are suppose to move on to ro16 because they rank #18, but since USA A already qualified and they did not, there is no reason for the teams to face each other since USA A will be representing USA in ro16.
Thanks <3
what??? Indonesia on RO16 D: omg D:
Omg we are so lucky

Qualification Stage 1-4: Japan A vs Japan B
Match history:
#3 TWC Japan A vs Japan B
Epic match \:D/
Long one, im starving *eats the desk*.
Congrats Taiwa- Uh, I mean Hong Kong A!

Mr Color wrote:

Congrats Taiwa- Uh, I mean Hong Kong A!
predicting :D
where is the mp of HongKong A Vs B ?

Group Stage - Canada A vs Canada B
Match history:
#3 TWC Canada A vs Canada B
1st Round
0 Canada A - Canada B 1

2nd Round
1 Canada A - Canada B 1

3rd Round
2 Canada A - Canada B 1

4th Round
2 Canada A - Canada B 2

5th Round
3 Canada A - Canada B 2

6th Round
3 Canada A - Canada B 3

7th Round
3 Canada A - Canada B 4

8th Round
4 Canada A - Canada B 4

9th Round
5 Canada A - Canada B 4

Canada A wins the match!

That is all for now!

Sorry for the lack of screenshots for maps 1-3, I totally forgot and no one else was taking them.

Congrats both teams! SUCH AN EPIC MATCH TOO CLOSE

Couldn't have said it better Kenny ●ω●


nerves too stronk lol

I'm really sorry I let my team down... but alas, Canada A: you better make us proud! :D such an intense match ww

hipster3000 wrote:

Couldn't have said it better Kenny ●ω●
hahahaha amazing; Kenny always says the best things ●ω●
Hey guys,

Sorry for the sudden

I just noticed that I have to go to collage tonight (and in fact I am late lol)
That I may not get back on time at TW A vs TW B

But if you can postpone the match half an hour later, which is 11:00pm GMT +8
I will try my best(and I can) get back home befote the match started

Of course it will be better if other streamer can cover it


PS : I will also send pm to affected staff and team
@matthew I wasnt able to stream either, for the same reason (classes at that time). Seems like things were settled though.
Announcement, about match between Taiwan A vs Taiwan B teams.

Match has been postponed to 26 February 2013, 15:00 UTC, due to massive connection problems from both Taiwan teams. News says that ISP Centre got fire alarm, and 80% of people are not able to use their internet connections. Both teams couldn't gather people on time also, and when situation stabilized, it was quite too past, to play match. So we're hoping, that tomorrow, everything will go smoothly.
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