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Taiko World Cup #3 (Concluded - Taiwan wins)

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FreedomofBirds wrote:

@Acrith, no reason to apologize, i was fine with seeing you think we won against one of the best Teams. xD
Hahaha, I guess I was just tired, dakara...

taiko_maniac1811 wrote:

Acrith you made a mistake on the score sheet here ._.
our match (Malaysia vs Italy-Netherlands), Malaysia wins 4-2... not the other way around lol
Changed, you're right... :)
The HK B draw is amazing, probably the first time draw I've ever seen lol

So what was done with that game lol

wmfchris wrote:

The HK B draw is amazing, probably the first time draw I've ever seen lol

So what was done with that game lol
No count for either team, then moved on to next map
Should have at least been fireworks or something


EZENA wrote:

I don't want to play TWC at a fast food restaurant next time lol
Damn the time was just the CWHK35 wwww (Comic World Hong Kong 35)

What have I done?! wwww
Play OSU at Video Game Center
Play OSU at Yoshinoya
Play OSU at Singapore Airlines
Play OSU at Maxims Fast Food
(nothing to say) :o
Yowane _ Haku
good morning
i had a good sleep at last night XD

Yowane _ Haku wrote:

good morning
i had a good sleep at last night XD
Sure you did :D

P.S. Hikkiko has ragequit taiko ._.

Group Stage - Finland vs Poland
Match history:
#3 TWC Finland vs. Poland
1st Round
1 Finland - Poland 0

2nd Round
2 Finland - Poland 0

3rd Round
3 Finland - Poland 0

4th Round
4 Finland - Poland 0

FINLAND wins the match!

That is all for now!


@topic: Voting for Japan A ;D
To all praticipants from the TWC #3

Mappool 1-4 for the elimination stage is now out!

The following mappool is a fusion out of the most played beatmaps from the previous used mappools.
This means that some mapper may appear twice. Also, this time there is no Download Mirror for the mappool avaible, since all praticipants should normaly have these maps.

Note: This round only applies to countries with an A and B team which both of them have the access to the K.O.-Stages.
All countries without a second team are not effected by this round and got a week of break.

We apologize for the late annunciation, but this time it shouldn't be that urgent since the maps are all known.

@Loctav: I asked Garven to edit MMzz post since you told me that's okay. Did it on my own accord because of the agreement we had about this Mappool so there was no need to wait anymore.
Topic Starter
Affected teams will be contacted today for creating the matchups.
Ascending-Chart will be finished after Round 1-4
uggh, the rules aren't marked clearly .

So the qualification mappool consists of the 2 most played maps of each round, is it ?
Topic Starter
This isnt a rule. We just compiled a new pool.
Just check the mappool post to see the new mappool.

In Qualification Stage (1-4), you need to win 5 maps to win the match.
oh, it's updated now, no more problems >_>
_-[SCP -3]-_
I am looking forward to Knockout :D
Topic Starter
Following teams will encounter:

- Hong Kong A vs Hong Kong B
- Taiwan A vs Taiwan B
- Canada A vs Canada B
- Japan A vs Japan B
Ca Calne
it was a very fun time with Canada B Chile B and Taiwan that was a nice match :D
Wha- What? A slash? What's up with the slash and why are we the only ones slashed out in the leaderboards? Did we do something bad? :?
/me is scared

I plead innocent...
Can someone explain the leaderboard? I'm a bit confused (?)
Basically because there are 8 teams from 4 countries fighting for a spot in ro16 (Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Canada), there are 4 extra slots to be filled by the 4 next most qualified teams based on SDR. Those teams moving on are Germany A (#17), Indonesia (#19), Spain (#20), and Macau (#21). The reason USA B is crossed out is because technically they are suppose to move on to ro16 because they rank #18, but since USA A already qualified and they did not, there is no reason for the teams to face each other since USA A will be representing USA in ro16.
Aww poo, so we're out for good, I guess...
Well, there's always next year

Until then, I shall bid you adieu ~
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