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Since yesterday I have the problem that I get pp but don't rank up.

To show you what i mean here a little screen:

I have more pp than the others, but I'm still on this rank.

I hope you can help/explain me what is going on there. :D
Actually, this is easily resolved.

This is happening because peppy constantly reworks the Performance Point system. This means it may go up or down. But so will everyone else's. This screenshot shows that everyone's pp likely went down today. Panels will only update when the player plays a map, however. So, once you play a map, you will see your true pp. The same goes for every other user in the list. Your rank will (likely) stay the same though. The pp isn't displaying correctly, but the rank is. So the rank is working off an invisible non-updated pp. :)
After my pp dropped my rank became 'correct'. So I think the Problem is solved.

Anyways thanks Kitokofox that you took time to help me. :)
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