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Endaris wrote:

So you agree with my statement that to get more consistent with harder jumps you must raise your maximum level of aim to a sufficient degree above the jumps you want to get consistent with. That was really all I wanted to state.

Regarding shitmisses I shall take the bait though:
Shitmisses are mistakes that I wouldn't attribute to skill deficiency but to misses caused by human factors that you can't reasonably claim 100% control over.
One of my favorite shitmisses is me missing a sliderhead in the outro of Cold Green Eyes when the average difficulty has decreased to something at like 3*.
Would you claim that this is an inconsistent play and that I should work on 3* maps at that bpm to improve my skill at hitting sliders? Certainly not...I believe virtually no amount of practicing patterns like the one I broke on would have been able to guarantee me not missing there and I'm confident that I could FC a 3min 3* of that design at least 9 out of 10 times (unless I fall asleep). While most so called "shitmisses" are arguably a lot more debatable regarding the amount of consistency practice you could do to avoid them, it is unreasonable to completely rule out the existence of shitmisses altogether.

Based on the upcoming pp changes I would be so courageous to do the following definition:
A shitmiss is the miss of a single note within the entirety of the beatmap with that single note having a probability of 0 or sufficiently close to 0.
This is the note I broke combo on:
My initial post was tailored to the OP's situation. In their current situation, telling them to play more maps outside their comfort zone would be terrible advice since they already play those sorts of maps too much.

With regards to shitmissing, the way you are categorizing it is awful. The jumps in a specific map aren't all the same difficulty. Jumps within a map can vary in difficulty a lot. Sure you can consistently FC 3* maps in general but that won't mean you can consistently FC a 3* map that has some outlier jump or whatever. There are also a lot of other factors that can make certain sections more difficult that aren't even accounted for in the star rating system.

I like to think about it like this, you missing that sliderhead in the outro of Cold Green Eyes was no sheer coincidence. You have some deficiency in your skill that caused you to miss there. The key is recognizing why you missed it rather than just shifting the blame to shitmiss. You don't improve at all shrugging the miss off as a shitmiss.
A 3* outlier jump can only be so hard. Otherwise it would have more stars.
The question is whether I miss that jump or elsewhere. I also assumed a 3* in that same style (AR, SV, bpm, CS) because if I missed there, exactly that is what I must have a problem with, right?

Coming back to Cold Green Eyes, I believe that for many misses in osu!, analysis is difficult because usually you often I just keep playing and try my best (which in my opinion is also a consistency related skill).
In many of these cases, the miss comes as very surprising to me as the player and it is difficult to analyse what exactly happened, even when watching the replay.
Chances are, I won't miss in the same spot in the same way in my next 1000+ playthroughs of the map. Even if there might have been a specific reason (like cramping my mouse grip or whatever, I'm making things up because the replay is so old by now and I can't possibly know): Trying to wrap my head around that kind of miss when I can't tell the cause immediately won't benefit my consistency nor my overall improvement as a player. At that time I'm better off practicing things I know I'm inconsistent at. I genuinely believe that treating something as a shitmiss can be beneficial for your improvement.
I can pass some AR0 5* maps but fail some AR0 4* maps due to reading difficulties so really moot argument. Many different variables come into play in terms of difficulty. You can only compare apples to apples, not oranges.

Yes, if you don't know exactly what went wrong, there is no point dwelling on it as time is better spent elsewhere. However, we are playing a game with literally 0 luck. You can look at things from a probablastic standpoint (for example I have a 40% chance of FCing this map at my current skill level) but there is a reason for every miss you make whether you like it or not. Claiming shitmiss is like claiming you just rolled a bad number when there were no dice being rolled at all.
Given the miss probability scatter through the map, missing that "0 chance" note certainly feels like rolling a bad number though. I wouldn't cry about something being a shitmiss if that note had a a sizeable 1% chance of being missed because that is arguably enough.
I don't feel like the term "shitmiss" has to imply that there wasn't a reason. It mainly refers to misses that had an uncertain cause and were very unexpected (and emotionally tragic) in the circumstances.
I would just like to reiterate, we're playing a game with literally 0 luck. It's true in games with some luck component (like poker) you could do everything right and still lose. However, if you did everything right in osu, you wouldn't miss. Period. Don't go blaming any misses to some freak force of nature as you are responsible for everything you do (and therefore every outcome) in the game.

Yes, it is true that people ascribe shitmiss to any miss with an uncertain cause, however I think people ought to really humble down and maybe realize that you might not be as good as you think you are. If you're "shitmissing" all the time, then you're obviously missing something quite fundamental and should really work to strengthen basic skills so that you can play more consistently. Remember, consistency comes from being able to play the same way everytime. If your fundamental skills are flawed, you'll be playing with greater variation each try.
I definitely agree with being humble but the shitmiss I showed as an example isn't something that happens all the time.
Most of all the likelihood of SSing everything else is extremely low assuming that one doesn't have consistency.

Last but not least, eliminating human error is not 100% possible. Trying to do so is also going to impact your fun a lot.
As someone who is basically playing for consistency most of the time I wanted to give a perspective on how it is if you're already very consistent compared to your current maximum potential. I won't get any farther with mine if I don't increase my aim capacities.
I'm pretty sure OP had already moved on for days when you posted yourself so I figured that giving a different perspective in a greater scheme of things would be adequate.
Yes I agree with you, we all make mistakes but claiming that you aren't at fault for the miss is still just plain wrong. Consistency is basically a measure of your error. Improvement to your consistency reduces the probability you make a human error. You obviously can't reduce your chance of missing to 0 but you can get pretty close.

I'll actually have to disagree with this impacting your fun though. When you shift the blame of your miss to an outside source, you'll have a lot more frustration than if you just accept that you caused the miss and can improve in some aspect of the game to reduce the chance of missing like that again. In other words, you give yourself control of the situation. I think you would agree that losing due to circumstances outside of your control is a lot less fun and a lot more frustrating than losing due things you have control over.

In the end, you need to play a combination of maps outside your comfort zone and maps within. For those who have trouble landing jumps that they feel they 'should' be able to hit quite frequently, playing more maps that you can FC quite easily is the way to go. On the other hand, if you have no trouble consistently FCing most of the maps you are playing, then you have to broaden your horizons a bit and play something more challenging. Yes, I can stand by what you're saying however the way you mentioned it in your initial post is a little misleading.
I can tell you from experience that it's fairly frustrating and not productive to bang your head against maps in order to FC them when your actual problem is lacking the aim quality to get consistent with your aim.

All plays below the new one are from 2016 (A couple more 99% and high 98% scores below).

All plays below the new one are from 2016/2017. Many more 99%+ scores below.

This is a call to all the acc players. Don't fall into this trap. Work on your aim and you'll be able to rek these maps you can already do super well on.
Both were (in my opinion) arguably problems of my maximum aim capacity not being high enough to develop the consistency.
I know that very few players have that kind of problem but accplayers certainly have to look out for it.
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this is like an intense battle.
Please, never have I said even once to just keep banging your head against a wall on trying to FC something. As I said, if you're 'shitmissing', then you are lacking in some sort of area. Take those 2 maps you just linked, you came back a couple years later and finally got it. What you did was correct. Could you have FCed those maps back when you first tried them? Yes. Would have been worth the time to try it? No. When you are 'shitmissing', it's telling you that you are lacking in some area and if you take some time to understand the reasoning behind the 'shitmisses' and then go improve on the areas you are lacking in, you will see much faster progress. The key is finding what you need to improve in and then working on those areas.

Also as an aside, I wouldn't call your shitmisses on those maps being due to your aim capacity but due to your reading. I know I've harped on this topic many times in previous threads so I'm not going go derail this one.

Almost wrote:

so I'm not going go derail this one.
too late

the difference of opinion is interesting, though
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