Umo's **mania** modding queue (NM, M4M, GD)

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Queue rules/info

M4M is prioritized than NM
I won't mod your map if you cause drama in the community
I pick requests based on me liking the song
If I mod your map, reply to my mods, else i won't mod your maps in the future
If we are mutual, and this queue is closed, feel free to pm me anywhere for a request

Rules for NM/M4M

Can mod any keymode
No meme maps
No anime maps (remixes are ok tho)
If you request M4M, I mod first
If you decide to do M4M please state what map from me you will mod in return
I don't mod SVs so dont ask for those


Rules for GD

Always open even if the queue is dead! Just message me anywhere (preferably on discord or in chat on the website, don't post here) and tell me what key and difficulty you want me to map.

I'd just ask that you try to push the map for rank because i don't want to make a map that will get no mods and just sit in the graveyard

Before I accept the request I will look at the overall set quality and your mapping experience to determine if you have some general knowledge in mapping and/or modding.

Song choice is not really important since I like almost everything, but I'm avoiding anime songs, TV size maps, and k-pop since I don't find them enjoyable to map
Blacklisted users: 1

rules last updated at 21.02.2021.

Happy mapping

NM req.

4K & 7K mapset. Only mod 7k is okay.

Thanks in advance!


4k stream map pretty much. feel free to mod any diffs but i'd prefer a full set mod


this map uses light amounts of jacks, short 1/8 bursts and LN stacking but is pretty easy to play due to the low BPM. modding any diff is cool


4K // NM // 5 difficulties (EZ/NM/HD/IN/IN)

[Jingle Bellz!!] is a very jack-oriented map, though it has some LN focus. The LN kiai of it is designed to be easier so the player can focus more on the distinct melody and enjoy themselves without too much strain. Some simplification has been done (such as ignoring claps unless they're on the beat) due to the amount of material packed into the song. Chord allocation (e.g. open double for clap, closed double for normal kick) has been used instead to distinguish between sounds with the same notecount.

The rest of the difficulties serve to create a spread for all players to enjoy. However, I feel that there may be some sections where the gap may be a subject of concern, so please keep an eye out for any potential issues.

Thank you in advance.
hello Umo u are back owo

NM req here

uma vs. Morimori Atsushi - GLORY:ROAD

I don't say much about patterns cuz there're many GDs, and hope u can enjoy different styles 'w'

thank u!
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NM closed

I'll take few requests that I like and mod them

If you dont receive your mod in 2-3 days that means I rejected your request
Type of request: (NM/M4M) : M4M

Key count(s): 7k

Artist - Title : mustie=DC feat.Hanon - Merry Snowy Fantasy

Difficulties: Normal, Hard, Insane, qodtjr's Happy Christmas

Time: 3:02 | BPM: 168

Beatmap link:

Info: thx ur advanced
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NM open again
NM Request 4K, I'm not sure if the timing is 100% correct, needs revision.
Hi NM request please if is possible this map: the map will focus on main rhythms so it's a bit easy i guess

Cuma Iseng
Ummm, hello. NM req for this

4k beatmapset and aim to be easy beatmapset with some sv for the two top diff, but i actually struggling with the simplification with the lower diff.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thank youu!
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Kubryseeght wrote:

NM please! tysm!

this is mania only queue
NM req!

Idk if you will like the concept but i'll try my luck here!

Rabpit - Saika , Cytus stuff and as you can see it is LN set

thanks in advance!

Type of Mod: NM req

Key Count: 4k

Artist - Title: Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino - In My Mind

Diffs: 195 IQ (the only Diff)

Time: 2:52 BPM: 126


Hope you get to mine Ill look forward to your feedback thx
ay umo o/
nm req
kyut song w high bpm
bima fajar

NM Request

Extra Info : The top diff have no LN :)

go 1x1 noob
Hello o/

NM req.

Thanks in advance!
Hey i have a NM request

Title: Can Do
Genre: Anime, Basketball
Length: 1:28
Amount of difficulties: 1
Difficulties to mod: The 6.04*
Map link:

hi, NM request
7k set
it's a slow song with heavy chords and LNs
it's my first mania set so i'd appreciate all the advice i can get

thank you
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oh thats a lot of requests

NM closed untill I finish them
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NM open again since I finished most of the requests

If I still didn't give you a mod please wait until this Thursday, if you don't receive it by then, that means I rejected it
Ice - DJ Mashiro is dead or alive

NM req [4K] - The first most decent Beatmap I have.
I hope you can give me a hand

Link -
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