Ash's Maniac Mania Queue ~Phoenix Phase~ (Open)

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Hi there
(Is the queue still ok? Last edited 36 days ago)

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: NceS-Burn
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1725857#mania/3539671
Length: 02:14
Difficulties: Hard
Extra notes/info: Aims at being ranked, and I'll try my best to reply in time
Key count(s): 4K

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: D_AAN - Another Me
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1753102#mania/3587629
Length: 2:42
Difficulties: Insane (Or Betsuno if you prefer the more complex one)
Extra notes/info: For rank, I'm really active so I will reply to the mods as quickly as possible :3
Key count(s): 4
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: KOBAYASHI PROJECT - Tsuioku
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1744814#mania/3568627
Length: 2:23
Difficulties: hard and insane
Extra notes/info: -
Key count(s): 4
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Peaky P-key - Let's Do It!
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1774086#mania/3633687
Length: 2:01
Difficulties: Shout Out! and Hard
Extra notes/info: If you has complete modding my map you can DM me on discord [EOD]xEolyne#6305 cause i maybe busy for create another map in home but i try to fast respond on osu DM
Key count(s): 4K only

I hope you can do best and thanks for advance :D
Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: ribbon room - mint tears

Link to your map: beatmapsets/1773264#mania/3657595

Length: 1:48

Difficulties: any

Extra notes/info: For ranked.

Key count(s): 4k

tkx :)

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: MORE MORE JUMP! x Hatsune Miku - IF
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1781678#mania/3648667
Length: 2:07
Difficulties: all(easy~master)
Extra notes/info: The goal is to rank(please forgive my poor English)
Key count(s): 4K
Hello Asherz00 (^w^)/ I'd like to have a modding queue, please :D

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: *wakadori - NightTheater
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1636208
Length: 2:00
Difficulties: preferably Insane, but you could pick any diff you likeee :D
Extra notes/info: A jazzy map with SVs for better experience uwu
Key count(s): 6K

Thanks! 0w0)b
Type of request: NM but can do M4M if u want
Artist/Title: CHiCO with HoneyWorks - Mr. Darling (Cut Ver.)
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1766504#mania/3615948
Length: 1:33
Difficulties: any that u want
Extra notes/info: Anime is anime so only mod if you want to thx
Key count(s): 4k
Need NM

key: 7

Mama Minta Pulsa bt Siti Badriah
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1680611#mania/3664753
Diff: Any Diff

Thank you
Hello owo

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: xi - Halcyon -Long Version-
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1777179#mania/3639452
Length: 5:01
Difficulties: Merciless
Extra notes/info: HB map and beautiful song.
Key count(s): 4K

Thx in advance.
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: モリモリあつし - Apsaras
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1785508
Length: 2:06
Difficulties: All difficulties (4 4k maps)
Extra notes/info: N/A
Key count(s): 4k

Thank you!
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Xomu - Ethereal
Link: beatmapsets/1791056#mania/3670235
Length: 3:55
Difficulties: Any of the three diffs, but preferably the Standard or Advanced diff. If you have time you can also check the Beginner diff.
Extra info: Chill and easy map. Not too hard.
Key count: 4K

Thank you!
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: nao - Towa naru Kizuna to Omoi no Kiseki
Link: beatmapsets/1787521
Length: 3:46
Difficulties: Hard (Although I would like to choose Insane, according to the rules, choosing Hard is a wise choice)
Extra info: N/A
Key count: 4K

Thanks!!! (人*´∀`)。*゚+
Hi :)

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Beach Bunny, Sports (Cut Ver.)
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1793566#mania/3677634
Length: 1:03
Difficulties: Easy 1.03* and Normal 2.23*
Extra notes/info: This is my first real mapset so I would appreciate some feedback :D
Key count(s):4K

hola Bv

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Helblinde - The Story of Mob
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1268902#mania/2636983
Length: 6:19
Extra notes/info: Jumpstream map, there are some shit sv that i wanna improve/fix too, for rank
Key count(s): 4k
Hai there, new mapper here <3

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Kobaryo - Everlasting Liberty
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1745006
Length: 2:17
Difficulties: Expert or Master diff.
Extra notes/info: Basically the patterns on expert nor master is kinda... messed up. And i would love to get mods on it
Key count(s): 4K
Helloo owo

Type of request: NM pls
Artist/Title: Roce - Jishu
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1599306
Length: 3:00
Difficulties: She deserved it
Extra notes/info: Rice, mainly focused on the drum, piano and vocals. Almost no LNs xd
Key count(s): 4K

Thankss c:

Artist: Tokyo Machine
Title: PLAY
Keys: 4K
Time: 3:02

NM request (I suck at modding LMAO)

Artist: Utah Saints
Song: Something Good '08
Keys: 4/7keys
link: beatmapsets/1788976#mania/3665534
thank you!
heyooo ~

Type of request: nm please
Artist-Title: Camellia - Looking for Edge of Ground
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1792604#mania/3676656
Length: 8:13
Difficulties: The Rebirth of Vanished World
Extra notes/info: I'll need ur any help to improve the map. Hope it will be ranked
Key count(s): 4

thxx <3333
Hello o/

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: cromo - Suisai Kujira no Yume
Link to your map: beatmapsets/546784#mania/3645422
Length: 3:15
Difficulties: Nezu-'s 4K Another
Key count(s): 4K, 7K
Extra notes/info: A chill narrative song for ranked with SVs and hitsounds attached for better experience, any feedbacks on the diffs would be appreciated. Thanks! ^w^)b
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: RoughSketch a.k.a. uno(IOSYS) - #SpeedyCats
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1717111#mania/3508949
Length: 1:54
Difficulties: (that you want me to mod): ADVANCED/ANOTHER/EXHAUST/MAXIMUM (choose any)
Key count(s): 4
hello hi

Type of request: NM

Artist/Title: Frederic Chopin - Etude Op 10 No 5

Link to your map: beatmapsets/781373#mania/2078913

Length: 1:38

Difficulties: 4

Extra notes/info: actually i do have 2 bns but i got a lot of time and I need mods for all diffs, its quite short and not too different from each other though
its also piano which is cool

Key count(s): 4k
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Inabakumori - Himitsu no Shougakusei
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1798456#mania/3686672
Length: 3:23
Difficulties: (only has one difficulty) [4K] Elementary
Extra notes/info: It's a rock type song by inabakumori (like most of them) it has patterns of jacks, chordjacks, ln and some sv to the rhythm of the music, but if you like to see it, I'd be grateful <3
Key count(s): 4 key

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Ricky Montgomery - My Heart is Buried in Venice
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1804222#mania/3699843
Length: 2:58
Difficulties: Any :)
Key count(s): 4k
Type of request: NM
Artist - Title : nonoc - Yuki no Hate ni Kimi no Na wo
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1742883#mania/3563025
Length : 7:22
Difficulties: Snow
Extra Note : Please mod the Snow difficulty. Of course you are welcome to mod the Ice difficulty as well :) Thanks! I hope it will be ranked!
Key count(s): 4
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Yorushika - Hachigatsu, Bou, Tsukiakari
Link to your map
Length: 4:33
Difficulties: Any diff, preferably the higher ones
Extra notes/info: ive been wanting to get this map ranked for a few months now
Key count: 4

good luck i guess
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Dora - Rozovie volosi
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1805521#mania/3702642
Length: 2:16
Difficulties: Last diff
Extra notes/info: russian alternative rock song
Key count(s): 4k
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: toby fox - Shop
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1801306#mania/3695781
Length: 0:49
Difficulties: all
Extra notes/info: keysounds, tho ain't sure if they're rankable because dunno how keysounding works specifically for mania :')
Key count(s): 4K

Thank you!
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Uchida Brothers - Oosanbashi (Iroha chou)
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1490712#mania/3055682
Length: 1:40
Difficulties: Easy/Normal
Extra notes/info: N/A
Key count(s): 4k

ty in advance
ype of request: NM
Artist/Title: MIMI - Kuu ni Naru
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1687554#mania/3448859
Length: 2:32
Difficulties: HD+
Key count(s): 4K
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Team Grimoire/Rrhar'il
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1805226#mania/3719036
Length: 2:11
Difficulties: Takiraku's Insane
Extra notes/info: -
Key count(s): 4K

Thanks! :D
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Fractal Dreamers - Paradigm Shift
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1813426#mania/3720242
Length: 3:26
Difficulties: Transition only
Extra notes/info: I'm going for ranked on this map.
Key count(s): 4k
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Stick To Your Guns
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1812608#mania/3718262
Difficulties: nirvana & normal
Extra notes/info: brand new mania mapper, modding and general tips & feedback are greatly appreciated
Key count(s): 4k
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: void(Mournfinale) feat.Hoshiyuu Nankanagi - Testify
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1813587#mania/3720576
Length: 2:52
Difficulties: any
Extra notes/info: thx :3
Key count(s): 4
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Waterparks - Telephone
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1812054#mania/3716986
Length: 2:24
Difficulties: Heartstopper (more diffs WIP)
Extra notes/info: LN map if you like that sort of thing
Key count(s): 4
Type of request: (NM)
Artist/Title: Sunny Khan Durrani - La Haasil
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1815034#mania/3723436
Length: 3:35
Difficulties: - K A A S H -
Extra notes/info: HELP
Key count(s): 4K
Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: beatMARIO - Night of Knights (REDALiCE Remix)
Link to your map:
Length: 2:17
Difficulties: Lunatic and Extra have prior rn, but after that you can do whatever you feel like
Extra notes/info: Rice for the bois, map feels actually fast cuz bpm but i tried to keep it low on density
Key count(s): 6K

Type of request: NM
Artist/Title: Hong Shao Shu Tiao vs. Candle_Eucalyptus - End of life
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1802933#mania/3697322
Length: 2:56
Difficulties: 4K Departure, 4K Transfur, 4K Arrival
Extra notes/info: [4K Arrival] is LN-based map. All diffs are less than 3 stars
Key count(s): 4, 7

thank you~
Hidden is fun
Type of request: NM plz
Artist/Title: 灰桜 (CV: 和氣あず未) - 薄花桜 (Short ver.)
Link to your map: beatmapsets/1805371#mania/3702344
Length: 1:57
Difficulties: Top diff thx
Extra notes/info: simple low bpm cute song and hope you can enjoy it~
Key count(s): 4
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