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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, 15 December 2019 at 4:09:02 PM

Artist: Yanagida Ethnica
Title: For You the Bellz Toll
Source: Cytus II
Tags: -ziel- 2 christmas ayatsugu_otowa rayark inc NEKO#ΦωΦ NEKO electronic instrumental yanagita yanaida
BPM: 195
Filesize: 4183kb
Play Time: 02:08
Difficulties Available:
  1. Chaos - 4Key (3.48 stars, 1479 notes)
  2. Easy - 4Key (1.55 stars, 463 notes)
  3. Hard - 4Key (2.65 stars, 1081 notes)
  4. Jingle Bellz!! - 4Key (4.38 stars, 1735 notes)
  5. Normal - 4Key (2.24 stars, 854 notes)

Download: Yanagida Ethnica - For You the Bellz Toll
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Please support Ayatsugu_Otowa (AKA 柳田Ethnica) on SoundCloud here!!!

Background by musou_luf, give them some love!

merry christmas!!!
everything is done by me, hitsound files from lordraika's library \(owo)/

4/12/19 - redownload notice, i changed soft-hitfinish
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