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Best skin ever. Well done, sir.
AWESOME!! I'll try using it from Now XD
I love how the mods look, awesome skin.
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Cobra wrote:

I love how the mods look, awesome skin.
Actually, I don't like how the mods look hahaha
Nice Skin Downloading it Now :)
Shirai Kuroko
nice one
wow =D
i just fell in love with your skin, or rather with taiko.
you opened my myes to a completly new way how i could skin taiko, i was way to fixated on the original...
your taiko is just wow. xD

i now will have a lot of fun to skin taiko in my SnK skin xD
..awesome skin.. :D i like the cursor..
..keep up the good work.. :D
I have questions again.

First: what is the difference between the two download links
Second: must I pay something if I download something

and which download server to you advise me?

thank you for helping me
and sorry for my bad englisch >.<

buffyfan wrote:

First: what is the difference between the two download links
the lite version doesn't have any HD elements. SD only

buffyfan wrote:

Second: must I pay something if I download something
nope, it's free

buffyfan wrote:

and which download server to you advise me?
i'd use mediafire myself, but that's because i know that site. both do the same thing :)
Thank you :D

EDIT: and how can I open it q.q im too stupid for this computer stuff :3 I'm so sorry

EDIT AGAIN: I have it now ... well that shows you how stupid I am XDDDDD

well the skin is really pretty
I love it ^^
Great Job
whenever i put a different version of it onto the game, it replaces the one before it :(
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Go to your skins folder and rename the folders differently so the new ones won't override files on the old one.
good i like it
It looks cool :D
But when i download it, it comes in a Beatmap format and regardless i put it in a carpet in the Skins folder, it doesn't load :(
What am i doing wrong? :1
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TheSkyVR wrote:

It looks cool :D
But when i download it, it comes in a Beatmap format and regardless i put it in a carpet in the Skins folder, it doesn't load :(
What am i doing wrong? :1
it's in a zip folder. Extract the folder into your Skins folder.

// haha lol my thread got revived
// hello osu!, long time no see :D
Trick Witch
Is it ok if i do a video review on this skin :?
Trick Witch
and i took a picture of the spin but it's kinda gone-ish
https://www.dropbox.com/s/rtfz92y7fsbf7 ... 6.png?dl=0

JeMhUnTeR wrote:


Make sure to check "Prefer new default skin behavior" under Skin tab in Options.

*This skin is optimized for 16:9 screen ratios*

Full Color BETA: I added a new dropbox link for my currently used skin. See
V below for more details.

Want to center your osu!mania stage but can't find the right values for ColumnStart?
Well, due to some calculations, experimentations, and hand counting of pixels, I was able to find the proper equation to center the stage.
Scroll down to the guide for more information.

I. General~
Name: Full Color
Creator: JeMhUnTeR
Theme: rainbow, colorful
Latest Version: 1.8

II. What's Skinned?
  1. menus
  2. mod selection
  3. osu!standard gameplay
  4. osu!mania gameplay
  5. taiko gameplay
  6. catch the beat gameplay

III. Download Links~ (version 1.8)

MediaFire | Full Color 1.8 | ZIP Archive | 34.2 MB (35,959,324 bytes) | 01.05.2013 01:57 (GMT+8)

4Shared | Full Color 1.8 | ZIP Archive | 34.2 MB (35,959,324 bytes) | 01.05.2013 01:57 (GMT+8)
This download contains all the standard elements of Full Color, excluding the HD elements. Use this to save some disk space and download time.

MediaFire | Full Color 1.8 Lite | ZIP Archive | 17.5 MB (18,360,863 bytes) | 01.05.2013 01:57 (GMT+8)

4Shared | Full Color 1.8 Lite | ZIP Archive | 17.5 MB (18,360,863 bytes) | 01.05.2013 01:57 (GMT+8)
Here lies the older releases of Full Color Skin. Other optional files could be found here as well.
puush | Full Color 1.0 (Initial Release) | ZIP
puush | Full Color 1.1 | ZIP
puush | Full Color - Cursor (without glare) | ZIP
puush | Full Color - Default Cursor (the really ancient one) | ZIP
puush | Full Color - Mini Cursor | ZIP
puush | Full Color - Crosshair Cursor (damn I didn't want to make this) | ZIP
puush | Full Color 1.2 | ZIP
puush | Full Color - Default Recolored Spinner | ZIP
puush | Full Color - Subscript Hitbursts | ZIP
puush | Full Color 1.3 | ZIP
puush | Full Color 1.4 | ZIP
puush | Full Color 1.5 | ZIP
puush | Full Color 1.6 | OSK
MediaFire | Full Color 1.7 | ZIP

IV. Screenshots, Preview and Changelog~

Here's a compilation of screenshots of Full Color 1.8.
Here's a video preview for Full Color 1.8. It covers all the game modes.

I got a copyright warning for playing Miracle-Hinacle :<
17.09.2012: Initial release.

18.09.2012: Thread updated. Changelog started. More big updates to come later!

18.09.2012: Got my hands back on my PC. Thread updated. Mediafire link added. 4shared link updated. More screenshots. Screenshots uploaded to puush.
Skin updated. Ranking letter grades removed (the defaults looked better xD). Removed ranking X small and XH small (forgot to remove it, that wasn't mine xD). Version number didn't change. I just removed elements.

19.09.2012: Thread updated. Expanded download links. Puush direct links added. OSK files placed inside ZIP archives to prevent osu! from accidentally deleting files.
Skin updated. Added cursor without glare (+ osk to revert).

26.09.2012: Whew. Needed to update since my thread reached the third page xD. Thread updated. Download links for version 1.1 are now up! ^_^
Poll created. Please vote and comment your suggestions!!
Skin updated. Version 1.1 includes the Back and Skip buttons. Those were completely altered so you need to delete the previous version. Spinner warning added (haven't seen one in game though xD). Spinner RPM added. Selection tab edited. Mini cursor added!!

30.09.2012:Skin updated. Number gradients are changed. Reverse arrow edited. Mini cursor is now symmetrical.

01.10.2012: Thread updated. Read announcements for details. Screenshots for 1.2 added. Image previews for optional files added.
Skin updated. New spinner! New menu button background. New cursor: Crosshair Cursor. Finished up version 1.2. Download links are up!

06.10.2012: Thread updated. Fixed download link for cursor without glare. Divided boxes for core files and optional files.

19.10.2012: BIG UPDATES <3 Thread updated. Thread icon changed. Version 1.3 dl links now up! ^_^
Skin updated. Lighting.png: bigger and fancier. Mania is now skinned :> Made a few alteration of elements. Default cursor is changed with a new one. You may find older cursors in the optional files. Hitbursts are subscript by default.

28.10.2012: HAHA ANOTHER BIG UPDATE ;) Thread updated. Thread banner added. Poll removed. Also removed everything not needed. Version 1.4 links are up! Added "What's Skinned?"
Skin updated. NEW LOVELY HITCIRCLES. 3Dfied the cursor. New cooler hitbursts. New playfield. Revised spinner. More stuff!!

26.12.2012: (Might be the last update) Thread updated. Added all previous releases and the optional files I found uploaded on my puush account.

12.03.2013: Oh yeah, Full Color is alive again. It's been so long. I have created a lot of unpublished skins so expect to see a new style of skinning in this version. Lots of updates!!
Thread updated. Changed the banner. Merged all screenshots. Clean up.
Skin updated. New slider border color. Added mod icons. Added ranking letters. New count1, 2, 3, ready, go, spin, clear, and osu!. Removed the weird wave from tabs. Thinner fonts. New hitcircle. Less weird sliderscorepoint and sliderscores. New cleaner spinner. A whole new set of osu!mania elements. Added fail-background. Inversed the reverse arrow. New menu button background. New ranking graph. New cleaner, simpler, sexier, pro-friendly hitbursts. New menu sounds (because the default breaks my ears when I'm on headphones). Remove it if you don't like it.

12.03.2013: Thread updated. Screenshots with result screen and spinner added.

12.03.2013: Thread updated. Muted video preview added.

14.03.2013: Thread updated. Changelog updated.

30.03.2013: Skin updated. 1.6 is up! I removed some elements and updated a lot! New spinner <3! New buttons. New menu background (untested, so I don't know how it looks like). New font for taiko. Cursor revised. Smaller cursor trail.
Thread updated. Changelog updated. Removed useless text in thread. Screenshots are outdated, please wait for updates.

30.03.2013: Thread updated. Screenshots posted. Video preview added. Fancier thread with notice tags. Used lists.

22.04.2013: Skin Updated. This is probably the best updated so far. New brighter approachcircle. New cursor. Ranking screen redesign. New mania hitbursts, so it matches the ranking screen. New pause and fail backgrounds. New set of buttons. New particles. New song selection screen redesign (buttons and icons). New selection tab. New random mod icon. New sliderscorepoint. Added new (old-style) spinner due to the in-game bug where it uses the old spinner when you disable the beatmap skin with Visual Settings. New set of taiko elements (most elements are still from the taiko skin). New set of menu sounds (I used a long polaroid camera shutter sound as the menuhit, so delete it if you think it's annoying). New custom combo colors. NEW ANIMATED ELEMENTS: followpoint, hitbursts, lightingL, lightingN, and sliderfollowcircle. Some other minor changes might not be included in the changelog.
Thread updated. Updated changelog. Download links for 1.7 are up (mediafire and 4shared). More thread redesigns.

22.04.2013: Thread updated. Added new screenshots. Removed video preview.

25.04.2013: Thread updated. Added add-ons section. Added osu!mania animated hitbursts add-on.

01.05.2013: Skin Updated. Another major major update. Full Color is now HD. There is also a lite version for those who doesn't waste time downloading HD elements. More element redesigns. Added some new elements. New set of osu!mania elements. CTB is now partially skinned. Another song select screen redesign. Accidentally included experimental particles. Another ranking screen redesign.
Thread updated. Updated changelog. Download links for 1.8 are up (mediafire and 4shared). Added osu!mania stage centering guide. Cleaned up the thread a bit.

10.06.2013: Minor update after a month of inactivity. I added a dropbox folder link to my skin folder. This link will always be synchronized (real time) as long as I keep my dropbox up to date. I also edited the announcements and some other minor details.

hehe it's fun reading the changelog over again, eh?

V. Some Other Stuff~

There are currently no available add-ons for Full Color Skin.
Here you will find a dropbox link to a folder synchronized to Full Color BETA (so basically, I copy pasted the folder to my dropbox and used dsynchronize to keep the two folders synchronized). This means that whenever I change an element in the beta folder, dsynchronize copies that file over to the dropbox folder, then dropbox uploads the changes I made to my account.

Here it is. Go download the files as a zip and extract it to your Skins folder yourselves.

I'm not working on this right now.
osu!mania Stage Centering Guide!~
This sections aims to provide users the values needed for ColumnStart in order to center the osu!mania stage.

Pre-Calculated Values
Below are the values needed to center the osu!mania stage on the most common screen ratios. These values will center the osu!mania stage for this skin only. Use the values according to your screen ratio.

4:3 Screen Ratio
  1. 4K: 236
  2. 5K: 228
  3. 6K: 212
  4. 7K: 195
  5. 8K: 176

16:9 Screen Ratio (Default)
  1. 4K: 343
  2. 5K: 335
  3. 6K: 319
  4. 7K: 303
  5. 8K: 283

16:10 Screen Ratio
  1. 4K: 300
  2. 5K: 292
  3. 6K: 276
  4. 7K: 259
  5. 8K: 240

Custom Screen Resolutions
Do you have a different screen resolution, or would you like to center the osu!mania stage of your own skin? Below is the method to acquire the ColumnStart values. This method works for all skins and for all screen resolutions, be it windowed or full screen.

1. We'll use this equation: columnStart = ((480 / (screenHeight / screenWidth)) / 2) - (columnSum / 2)
  1. columnStart - value that we will put on each nK.ini file.
  2. screenHeight - height of your screen in pixels (or height of the osu! window if you play windowed)
  3. screenWidth - width of your screen in pixels (or width of the osu! window if you play windowed)
  4. columnSum - sum of all the values on the ColumnWidth field.

2. In order to get the value of columnStart, you need to know the values of each variable (remember that these values may vary depending on the key you're currently calculating). Let's have an example for this guide. Let's say I use a custom windowed resolution of 1200px by 700px. Below are the column sizes of the stages inside my nK.ini files.
  1. 4K: ColumnWidth: 46, 46, 46, 46
  2. 5K: ColumnWidth: 46, 46, 50, 46, 46
  3. 6K: ColumnWidth: 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42
  4. 7K: ColumnWidth: 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40, 40
  5. 8K: ColumnWidth: 38, 38, 38, 38, 38, 38, 38, 38

3. Let's start with 4K. The values we have now are:
  1. screenHeight: 700
  2. screenWidth: 1200
  3. columnSum: 46 + 46 + 46 + 46 = 184

We now have all values needed in order to solve for columnStart. Let's substitute the values to the equation:
columnStart = ((480 / (700 / 1200)) / 2) - (184 / 2)
columnStart = ((480 / 0.58333) / 2) - (92)
columnStart = (822.86 / 2) - 92
columnStart = (411.43) - 92
columnStart = 319.43
since we can't use decimals for the columnStart value, we have to round it off to the nearest integer.

Now that we know columnStart, we can go ahead and write the value inside 4K.ini.

4. Repeat the process for all the other keys. If you try to solve for the other values using the same situation, you should get the following values:
  1. 5K: 294
  2. 6K: 285
  3. 7K: 271
  4. 8K: 259

5. After getting all the values and putting them into their respective ini files, reload your skin by either restarting osu! or going into the skin preview screen. This will reload all ini files in the skin. Now go play some osu!mania and notice how your stage is now perfectly centered on your screen!

Note: Due to the rounding off of values, the stage may be a bit off by 1 pixel to the left or right. If you followed the instructions above correctly, I assure you that the stage will never be off by 2 or more pixels from the center.
Find all the Full Color Skin Variations here!
Credits to OsuMe65's skin! It contains more elements than the template skin!
Credits to MLGnom's skinning tutorial thread! Even more skinning stuff!
Credits to everyone who commented and criticized! ^^
Credits to YOU, who downloaded and used my skin :>
I'd love to see your comments. Thanks!! ;)
Also, I'd be happy to see my skin on your beatmap. And if you want to use any elements on this skin for your own skin/skin mix, feel free to use them. You don't have to pm me for permissions or whatever.
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