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How do I prevent my thumb from slipping up my pen?

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When I play osu, my thumb slips up my pen.
It goes from:


any tips?
Wrap a rubber band/anything non-slippery (ensure it is not too thin) EXACTLY right where your grip is. If you cannot get all of your grip, at least your thumb at that object since its the problem. It may feel weird at first for being a thicker pen but you will get used to it.
I'd suggest changing the way you hold your pen until you don't have this problem

I've seen people suggest getting a big fat rubberized grip to put over your stylus, or wrapping your pen in "tourna grip" tennis grip tape

But in the end you just need to find a stable way to hold your pen: Experiment with different ways of holding it until you find a stable one, it's not going to look the same as a normal writing grip

You can look at play videos of some of the top players to see the weird grips they use, but it's going to come down to what's comfortable for you

Also, make sure you keep your pen + tablet surface clean of skin oil, use a little bit of dish soap + water on a towel and be careful not to get the electronics wet
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