Ohta Asuka, Nagamatsu Ryo - Coconut Mall

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 6:04:42 AM

Artist: Ohta Asuka, Nagamatsu Ryo
Title: Coconut Mall
Source: Mario Kart Wii
Tags: nintendo kokonattsu moru hayazaki ost platinum soundtrack video game instrumental jazz fanzhen0019 fanzhen blixys bakari riffy big chungus big_chungus frontier -_frontier_- celektus 太田あすか 永松亮 マリオカートWii
BPM: 132
Filesize: 4045kb
Play Time: 01:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. big chungus' Insane (4.31 stars, 328 notes)
  2. blixys' Extra (5.59 stars, 423 notes)
  3. fanzhen's Another (4.92 stars, 359 notes)
  4. frontier's Hard (3.43 stars, 243 notes)
  5. riffy's Normal (2.2 stars, 145 notes)
  6. Shimmering Linoleum Sands and Margarita Mix (5.92 stars, 477 notes)

Download: Ohta Asuka, Nagamatsu Ryo - Coconut Mall
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

riffy : Normal
- Frontier - : Hard
big chungus : Insane
fanzhen0019 : Another
blixys : Extra
Me : Ultra

Celektus : Hitsounds
Sonnyc: Nomination
-Mo-: Nomination
GDers <3

"cool" - fanzhen0019
"good stuff" - lcfc
"so epic" - ioexception
"better than the garbage i was seeing in the MBC that someone asked me to judge" - winber1
"your maps are brilliant, especially this" - tatemae
"really fun" - 09kami
"ok idc this crosses the line. this... fucking sucks. yeah yeah i cant play is but so cant 99.346% of other osu players. the absolute hardest ranked map below 6*" -- LikeAnEnderman

i wanted to take some time to actually type this out. i have a lot more people to thank than just celektus, sonnyc, -mo-, and my GDers for making this map possible and my mapping as a whole. let's start with the beginning, and see if i can actually manage chronologically

[the beginning]

nowa - oh man, this is a hard one. what can i even say? you looked at my maps when they consistently looked worse than most people's first maps. don't think i can possibly even write a proper thank you to you, but thanks for never giving up on me. thank you for explaining things to me over and over again. thank you for re-timing my maps, for guest difficulties, and for unwavering support. most of all, thank you for being my friend.

mun - probably one of the people i realized i owed thanks much later than i should. mun, you brought me harsh truthes, and continue to bring me perspectives i overlook. you are totally willing to be a check on my overeager theory, and also just tell me what i don't want to hear. thank you.

emilia - it's hard to understate how important you are to my road here. it would not have been a question, rather, an inevitability for me to have given up on mapping without you. you timed my maps, you corrected my rhythm, and you sat in discord calls with me while you played -- you weren't just someone who helped me with mapping, you genuinely cared about me. thank you so much.

fanzhen - even though i have tried to tell you, i still don't think you realize how much you've done for me. i came to you with nothing to my name other than some truly god-awful maps with blatantly incorrect rhythm and the label "3 time academy reject", and you still took me as a mentee. you even told me you weren't sure if you were qualified to teach -- which helped me a lot later on when i took my mentee, who i didn't feel qualified to teach either. aside from the mapping you taught me, you taught me to believe in myself in a way. i am forever in your debt.

squirrelpascals - this is another difficult one. do i thank you for putting up with my first, terrible mod? do i thank you for making me guest difficulties? do i thank you for being the only beatmap nominator to give me consistent feedback? do i thank you for the rocket league we never ended up playing (lol). it's hard to understate your influence on my mapping, let alone my development as a mapper. thank you so much.

digidrake - i kept debating whether you belong here, as you pretty much never influenced my mapping or were a part of it, but there's literally no way coconut mall would have happened without you. i can't possibly write you a thank you, but i can try to address few things, so i'll thank you for every inside joke, every discord call, for 148,000 direct messages, a shared discord server, and the best chapter of my life.

[the middle]

4n3c - not only are you the god of mapping whose maps i continue to study to this day, you cared when it mattered. you showed up on yorushika completely unprompted, and invited me to your let me hear set. it's hard for me to properly thank you, because it's twofold: i thank you for the inspiration for my mapping and the knowledge ive gained from studying it, abut more importantly, your friendship, comrade.

frontier - how do i ever thank you for always throwing your support behind anything i make and anything i try to rank? i really legitimately do not know how to thank you enough for not just one but two gds and constant support for my mapping. it's really helped me a lot.

alex/gary - do not even know how to write this at all. there's just too much to cover here -- not only all the support you have given me personally, or all the time you've spent hanging out with me, you probably don't even know how mentoring you built my confidence as a mapper or how it made me finally think about articulating why i make choices instead of just understanding them. as much as i've helped you, you've helped me bring my own mapping forward. it's hard to understate the impact you've had not only on my mapping or even on my confidence, but my time on this game and even off this game.

[the end]

riffy - i wish i could possibly state this with the impact it deserves: you are 100% unique. i came to you as a completely unranked mapper with maps the community reviled, but you listened to me explain myself and you actually thought about it yourself. i never expected that a former qat would care so much about a rando mapper's ideas so much that they would completely learn how to map a brand new style and develop the way you have. your unwavering support is one thing, something i am incredibly grateful for. but your open mind is probably the most remarkable thing i have seen in my time on osu, and i am so thankful to know you.

drimm - i feel like i keep saying this but where do i even start lmao. the music you exposed me too? the thinking about rhythm games i'd never even considered? the hours and hours of calls? the collabs i always abandoned? omen iii? i really don't even know how to start thanking you properly but i can say with extreme confidence this map would not exist without you, and i would be not only a worse mapper but a more boring person. blixys x downpour's ao to mall coming 2021
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