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Just finished watching Musaigen no Phantom World. it's a neat comedy,action,supernatural anime
Kuya Frex
Young Black Jack
Green Platinum

Kuya Frex wrote:

Young Black Jack
So bad. One of Tezuka's best and it gets that poor treatment.
Sword Art Online...

Denpa Kyoushi.

I wound up binge-watching anime the last two days and I wound up finishing the whole thing.
Just finished Tiger and Binny today.
lik if u cried everytim ;_;
Comfy Slippers
Mahoutsukai no Yome

Tatta hitotsu tatta hitotsu no
Tatta hitori tatta hitori no
Watashi wa

I've been pressured into watching this on a rec. from a group of friends who dubbed this as a 'wholesome masterpiece'. It was my dear readers, neither. The characters failed the most. Chise was as linear and flat-out boring as it gets. Rest of the cast could very well be erased and it wouldn't change much. Bootleg wendigo Elias was the only tolerable character, and even 'he' isn't all that much. Mostly due to poor writing that just turns him into a walking contradiction. World building is a'ight.. I guess (though, not my cuppa tea). The soundtrack was really good, and the opening 'YUNNA-Here' is fire as fuck.
Conclusion- an ok anime for a casual. Wouldn't rec. to 'hardcore weebs'. Go read native american mythology instead.

Re-watched Dennou Coil

Very Cool
Overlord season 1. started watching it a week or two ago
Finis Terrae
Date A Live II (it's OVA, Encore is the one I finished recently) , what a surprisingly enjoyable harem show with sprinkle of fanservices. Kurumi makes the show enjoyable actually
My most recently watched anime would be Little Witch Academia on netflix.
It's a quality anime and it's pretty entertaining. It's not superspecial, but it's worth watching if you like magic stuff and a little bit of humor. ... cademia_TV
Toradora! It was amazing!!!!
Romka Beton
Steins;Gate 0.
weakly. very weakly. animation has become impoverished. fan service has become too much. in the plot, there were too many things that did not come in handy.
only 8 and 21 series not bad.
Kekkai Sensen
Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight
shokugeki no soma
darling in the fran:xx. was dissapointed and took a break from watching anime. now i'm back to catch up on what i missed.
Green Platinum
Kagaku Ninja-tai Gatchman

Nobody fucking cares anyway so spoilers:

This is a tokusatsu inspired series from the 1970s. The series is pretty long at 105 episodes and fails to truly take advantage of the slow burn a long show can provide as many of the truly engaging revelations are reserved till the very end.

Getting past the MOTW and 70's cheese can come off as a bit of a chore but at the end I truly appreciated Berg Katse as one of my favourite anime villains; shame their truly disturbed history and identity never gets much of a chance to reach it's maximum potential and becomes a detriment to their ultimately tragic end.

In terms of the Gatchaman team only Joe and Ken receive truly satisfying character arc while the remainder are insubstantial and minor. Joe is by far the greatest character taking the most advantage of the long run time as his health slowly diminishes.
Blend S ^^
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