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Need more of a specific type of maps. Fast with a lotta etna sliders and/or Kokou no Sousei type circle stream stuff. (Extra points for Jumps/Streams included) Examples :-

RIOT - Overkill [5.74* Pending]

Wagakki Band - Senbonzakura [5.97* Ranked]

Primary - In the Garden [5.60* Loved]

Ariabl'eyeS - Kegare naka Bara Juuji [5.91* Loved]

THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Kyouran Hey Kids!! [5.77* Ranked]

Difficulty Range - 5.00* to 5.99*

Thanks in Advance!
Wow, been a while since I've seen someone in this subforum use the term "etna slider".

Generally speaking, bpm filtering helps A LOT when looking for that kind of stuff. bpm => 240 works like a charm as maps at that bpm are almost guaranteed to have fast sliders.

Some selection of those maps that I played myself:

As mentioned, these are pretty easy to filter out by bpm so I'll not go further into that.

Beyond that there are maps similar to the Senbonzakura map you linked that are basically half that bpm but mapped in that high SV style because of the song's high density. They often play a bit different as their "double bpm" place gives them a more strict structure. They're also way harder to find as many of these maps go into a more streamy and not as fast style that puts more emphasis on controlling smaller (or way bigger) movements. (plain ridiculous tho) (i don't really like the song but eh)

As easily noticeable, some of these tend more towards streamy base patterns so it might not be exactly what you're looking for.

Some more that I didn't play myself yet but I think they're gonna hit the mark more or less:

Good for me that I also found some I'll want to play in the future.
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@Endaris Thank you so much! Gonna check these out Right Now! :thumbs_up:
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