How can i get better stream aim?

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My fingers have basically mastered the rhythm of 180-200bpm, but my aim always kills me. Im either too slow, too fast, moving around curves at the wrong speed or change direction wrong while streaming. and on higher bpm my aim gets shakey and this also kills me instantly and dont even get me started on spaced streams. I've asked for help elsewhere but got the typical play more response, but i dont understand how simply playing them more will help me if i cant even play through the streams.

Any help, map suggestions or general Gameplay tips would be helpful. Thanks.
i get you, i've had this problem for a while, it still is a problem but its less effective and doesnt bother me too much while playing, imo just keep playing stream maps, in my case i just randomly started aiming better at streams, another advice would be to try and play stream maps with different patterns and curves,spacing etc. i think that it would be really helpful and will improve your stream aim drastically
I heard trying some HTHR on stream maps you struggle aiming on helps. The slower speed of HT gives you more time to pay attention to your cursor but HR also makes it more strict with the aim.
I personally learned how to aim streams better after learning to play EZ mod. All I did differently was focus on each individual circle as I needed to hit them rather than trying to move my cursor to follow the stream. Try figure out an approach that works for you and then you're going to need to play more (especially on more spaced and irregularly shaped streams) to get better at implementing that process.
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