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Hi! I've been trying to improve my streaming ability recently because I like nomod, but am not too good with the streaming part of it. I came to realise that the switches on my keyboard are otemu blues which I found require 60 grams of force. These are alot heavier than most, and I have spent my whole time playing osu playing with these switches. If I were to change switch now which would you recommend?
I used to play wirh kailh blues and switching to kailh reds.made a huge difference for me in terms of streaming. My main issue was not actuation force but the clicky mechanisn, which basically forced me to bottom out keys.

I would say any linear switch should do the job for you. Cherry/kailh/gateron red are a safe bet.
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I bought keyboard with cherry red recently, and im happy with it, definetely better then my last keyboard for 5 euro tho.
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Yeah, I do basically bottom out on every press as well. I'll look into getting reds, thanks for the help.
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